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CD Review: Tera Lynne Fister – Scars – by Jeffrey Kurtis for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

CD Review: Tera Lynne Fister – Scars – by Jeffrey Kurtis for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Independent Release


Nashville’s globally recognized as
“Music City,” but a lot of people don’t understand the fullness of that
moniker. It isn’t just the live music being played on every street corner and
every bar on Lower Broadway, but it’s also the top-notch musicians, hit
songwriters, and the pounding of the pavement that so many hopefuls who come to
town experience in their efforts to try and achieve the goals they set out for.

So then how does an artist stand out
amongst this uber talented pack?

For Tera Lynne Fister, it starts with
people first noticing her bright pink hair, and then discovering the raw talent
that lurks within her as she showcased on her single “Hell Raiser,” a song that
carried a dusty trail type of feel to it.

But it’s on her newest single “Scars”
that she brings that raw talent to an entirely new level.

Already recognized for her gritty sass
and raspy vocals, this song elevates both of those attributes and gives us a
flat out rocker that’s fueled by guitars, but sees her rock intuitions standing
toe to toe with her country fire as the two sounds collide to create the
perfect marriage of who Fister is an artist. 

The edgier style of the song and the
chug along feel of the guitars are clearly built for live shows as they’ll instantly
pull an audience into the song and have them quickly engrossed in it, but in
the midst of this edge, the lyrics become the truly powerful star of the show
and are not to be overlooked.

Fister unapologetically sings of
embracing your scars – the wounds that have already healed so-to-speak –
because they’re what made you who you are today. While lines such as “It’s part
of your charm” champion your past and all you’ve gone through, other lines such
as “if you really want to live you’re gonna have scars,” challenge us to not
let our fears prevent us from truly living our lives.

This is gritty, honest, and a perfect
showcase of an artist who has experienced all the ups, downs, and in-betweens
that a city like Nashville will challenge someone with. However, it also gives
us an undeniably positive outlook on using our scars to boldly remind ourselves
that we always got back up.

Listen to “Scars” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4-tEGzNoAY

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