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CD Review: SLIM FORSYTHE – Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits
The Empire Builder – Standin’ Here
Misunderstandin’ You – The Ballad of Punxsutawney Phil – Allegheny
Mountain Queen – Bye Bye Harley Hello Big Yellow – Bury Me Up On That
Norther Pier – False Hope Chaser – Happy Birthday Sam – Why Can’t I Get
Duquesne On This Sad Lonesome Train – Down On My Knees At Nied’s Hotel
Again – Man’s Woman – Sunday Blues – Drifterland – Way Up On That Old
Northern Tier
Slim Forsythe is one of the best ambassadors Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, could ever hope to have.  I’m not sure if this is a
brand-new recording, or perhaps a re-presentation of already recorded
‘greatest hits’ from the past.  Whatever the case, this guy Slim
Forsythe has been having some excellent musical success and adventure
with his Nied’s Hotel musical presentations.  Latest has been a
television show he taped ‘live’ which is now already on local television
and headed for the national scene.  The Beagle Brothers are his staunch
musician backers, and they are all excellent players and know full well
what country music is all about.  Another super supporter in his
efforts at taking their music to a larger audience is Molly Alphabet. 
She’s a great vocalist and contributes a great deal to the overall
presentation of what’s happening at the Nied Hotel.  I believe all of
these songs are Slim Forsythe originals although that isn’t adequately
explained on the cover liner notes.  Slim has been hard at it making his
music more available to a much larger audience since 2004, and he’s
climbed the ladder, perhaps slowly at times, but matter of factly all
the time.  He’s a retired, or partially retired, attorney, so his
incredible dedication to this kind of music is very interesting.  I like
the arrangements the music makers use to put Slim’s voice out front.  I
really like the old-timey mountain sound, banjo and all, on “Bury Me Up
On That Northern Tier.”  Slim’s voice seems more relaxed, and right on
point.  I sure like the interesting chord changes, sure fits well.  All
in all, this CD is a very nice listening experience.  Slim has always
been very thankful for his many fans and followers, I believe this
particular CD might very well be a Thanksgiving presentation from
himself and Patsy.  All in all a super nice recording.  Slim has been
with us at the LeMars Festival several times taking home CD of the Year
awards, and this CD goes directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission
for the same purpose.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – President of the National Traditional Country Music Association.  In Iowa, for Country Music News International

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