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CD Review: Sara Evans – Slow Me Down

Sara Evans – Slow Me
album contains 11 country music tracks:
Me Down, Not Over You, Put My Heart Down, Can’t Stop Loving You, You Never
Know, If I Run, Sweet Spot, Good Love Is Hard To Find, Better Off, Gotta Have
You, Revival
“Slow Me Down” is Sara Evans’ seventh
studio album.  Her signature sound is
country seasoned with pop and ballad plus spiced with a powerful voice and an
energetic attitude.  I see her at her
virtuosic moments, navigating the conversational twists and turns of the
album.  Listening to the intro of “Slow
Me Down” led me into thinking about a movie and it sets me in a reflective
mood.  The sound is lifted with a faster
rhythm with a tight crossover to a rad beat that highlights the peak of the
song.  The common question to ask if
you’re struggling in a relationship is how to stop your partner from
leaving.  The track “Slow Me Down” is
sharing the story of a couple in the brink of breaking up.  It is hard, but sometimes it has to end and
sometimes it’s for the best. 
“Put My Heart Down” is a party music
with a dash of danger, celebrating freedom fearlessly and with full authority
that echoes… “Put my heart down, put my heart down.  Put my heart down, put my heart down and walk
away.  This kind of love is dangerous.”  It delivers a message of the trials and
tribulations of love.  If you’re in a
similar situation this track could be your way of de-stressing yourself.  The beautiful, fluid rhythms are from a
multitude of times and phases that fits wonderfully.  It’s a sad story, but the beat can make you
sing and dance towards victory. 
“Can’t Stop Loving You” features DeGraw
on harmony vocals.  The
beauty of the singing voices moved me and the melody drifts up and down
beautifully and lingers on certain evocative details when both singers sing, “
I can’t stop.  No, I can’t stop.  No, I can’t stop loving you”
Sometimes in life we encounter
unexpected challenges, unpredictable relationships.  It can be overwhelming, it can be painful.  The heart has an important role in determining
how we handle different situations.  Restoration
is needed when the heart has grown cold. 
 The last track “Revival” tells
about the many things that compete for our hearts, but the restoration comes in
the chorus that goes, “Every time I think I’m lost, that this world’s nothing
but luck
God always sends someone down, just to stir things up, Hallelujah, a little
revival. Amen to love.  Deep in my soul,
a little revival.  Amen to love”  This is definitely the highlight of the album
as it shows an ultimate example of what it means to show love to God and to the
people around us.  This is the new
texture of a new sound and creative heavenly message that takes us to divine
highlights.  So, I am all in, I’m giving
my heart to our Maker, take part of the sounds of revival and enjoy the divine
adventures full of joy!
Journalist, Country Music News International

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