Higher Fire
I Think I’ll Go Back To The Table – He’s In The
Midst – Wish You Were Here – To Me He’s Become Everything – I Don’t Want
No Rock – Heaven Won’t Always Be Someday – When Dust Shall Sing – Milk
& Honey

It seems like I’ve been waiting for this CD for a long time. 
These songs, these artists, these blessings coming from such dedicated
followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a miracle.  It’s the harmony and
the lead voice of R. E. Earnest which stands out, but I was so impressed
to hear the steel guitar and fiddles so predominant in what they do
that really impressed me.  This particular ‘style’ of traditional and
classic country music is rapidly disappearing from America’s radio play
lists.  Still, gospel music is holding on strongly to the principles of
good government, good human relationships, good music…. it’s right
here in ‘Higher Fire.’  You might be familiar with Mr. Earnest, he was
the official country-gospel artist of the world famous Ernest Tubb Texas
Troubadour Theater, where he hosted the “Gospel Down South” concert
series.  This amazing CD continues that tradition.  But, Mr. Earnest is a
longtime member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame group “Sego Brothers
and Naomi” the very same group that was part of the Gaither Homecoming
video series.  What we hear on this amazing CD is not only some
incredible backing music, but the vocalizing is supreme.  These folks
have, over the years, worked with some of the biggest stars in country
music. Mr. Earnest has already recorded 14 CD’s and it looks like he’s
not about to stop.  If this CD “Higher Fire” is an example of what he’s
going to continue doing, he will remain one of the most ‘in demand’
gospel singers on the music trail.  Every song, up-tempo or slow on this
wonderful musical adventure, is a truly honest and ‘happy’ imparting
the wisdom of a true Apostle to Christ.  Congratulations Mr. Earnest for
the wonderful Christian spirit you contain in your soul, and for me,
I’d certainly like to go back to the table with you.  This CD is going
directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their own review for
Christian Gospel CD of the Year award.  I already have my fingers
crossed Mr. Earnest, this is an award from the down-home rural folks
that understand exactly what your message is.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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