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CD Review: R.E. Earnest – Just Thinkin’ Bout Home – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Just Thinkin’ Bout Home

If Jesus Comes Tomorrow – Jesus Found Me – Who Am
I – The Old Rugged Cross – The Holy Hills – City Of Gold – Land Beyond
The Stars – Mama Sang A Song

Mr. Earnest is one of my favorite gospel
singers.  He has a strong ‘country’ approach to his music, and even
though I may have heard this album before, I am reviewing it as a
singular very important message honoring the holiday we celebrate this
weekend.  Easter!  Mr. Earnest has proven name recognition, due in great
part to his wonderful voice. BUT he also has a tremendous ‘message’ on
every CD he records.  I heard that message when I was just a small
11-year old boy walking across an old pasture to the nearest little
country church about a mile distant.  By myself, alone, I soon
discovered who the best friend I would ever know would be.  The Easter
message is Christ’s defeat of death.  Yes, absolute defeat of death. 
And what’s more, Jesus walked on planet earth 40 more days after he
arose from the dead. The songs Mr. Earnest has included in this
incredibly well done CD are a wonder to behold.  He sure did include
some incredibly gifted musicians to carry the message home.  Mike
Johnson on steel guitar; David Smith on bass guitar; Brent Mason on lead
guitar; Kevin Williams on acoustic guitar; Micah Schweinburg on drums;
Dirk Johnson on piano and keyboards.  The exact messages I need to hear
on this special day we celebrate is on this CD.  As I hear Mr. Earnest
sing “The Old Rugged Cross” I’m sure I may have even ‘reviewed’ this
very CD some years ago.  It’s the ‘cross’ that brings us to Christ.  He
gave his life so we might live.  He gave us the invitation to be with
him.  The bible tells us that evil will befall humanity.  But it is the
‘cross’ that defines what Jesus Christ did for us.  Exchanging that
cross for a crown isn’t a laughable joke.  It’s real!  So like the song
says, “I’ll ever be true” to the cross.  Jesus was! 

RECORD REVIEW By Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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