CD Review: PAUL EVANS – Steelin’ From The Heart


Steelin’ From The Heart
Bars of Steel – Will The Circle Be Unbroken –
Faded Love – Harbour Lights – How Great Thou Art – I Love You Because –
Last Date -Life’s Railway To Heaven – Sunday In Dixie – Steel Guitar
This Ontario, Canadian, steel player is way way up there. 
Not just ‘north’ up there, I mean way up there in his ability to play a
really really neat steel.  He plays a special Fulawaka steel guitar, and
according to Paul, “I have never played a steel with such smooth action
and the sound is awesome.”  Yes, I have to agree, the sound is
awesome.  What is also awesome is the selection of material Paul picked
for this very nice album project.  Paul has been playing the steel for
well over forty years, and it is definitely apparent in how well this
album came together.  His father was an evangelist, preaching the gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ.  According to Paul “He was a wonderful man
and had a love for souls.  I promised dad that when I learned how to
play the steel, and I sure hope that I know how after 40 years, that I
would record an album for the Lord’s work.”  Paul certainly has done
that with the songs “How Great Thou Art” and “Life’s Railway To
Heaven.”  Steel guitar has been Paul’s first love, and it shines through
on everything he is doing with music.  I find some nuances in his
playing that I’ve not heard before in steel playing, and I believe that
comes from individual musical gift and how it is processed and passed
along, which Paul does really well.  I’m sending this off to the Rural
Roots Music Commission although it is early in the transpiring time
frame of doing that. Not sure Paul would want to come to our annual
Rural Music Gathering in Fremont, Nebraska, where those kind of awards
are made, but I sure have my fingers crossed.
MUSIC REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – Pres. NTCMA for Country Music News International

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