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CD Review: MARTY DAVIS – Legends & Choices

Legends & Choices
Ballad of the Good and Bad – Tonight We Ride
– Outlaw Lobo – Big Iron – Seven Spanish Angels – Master’s Call – The
Old Outlaw Time – Running Gun – Strawberry Roan – High Noon – Claude
Dallas – El Paso – Last Cowboy Song – He Walks With The Wild and the
Lonely – The Searchers – A Tribute to George Jones
Marty Davis is an Oregon cowboy that has
the ‘pulse’ of what is happening today in keeping some of our western
culture alive.  This is a very unique presentation of good songs about
good guys, and good songs about bad guys.  The opening track “Ballad of
the Good and Bad” was written by Marty, and it reflects what we hear
throughout this project.  There are a lot of cowboy singers out there
trying to keep this music alive and well, but only al few reach for the
stars which is what Marty Davis is doing with his CD.  The title track
“Ballad of the Good and Bad” was written by Marty and is an extension of
what we are about to hear.  He combines the good and the bad in a
continuous story/song presentation of great ‘western’ songs.  In his own
words….. “Throughout history there has been action between the forces
of good and evil.  Many wonderful stories and songs have been written
about these heroes and villains.”  He’s exactly right, the ongoing
battle between good and evil is just as strong today as it was way back
when cowboys were the heroes of the day. As the CD progresses through
its presentation, Marty adds some additional musicians and musical
sounds that enhances all we are listening to.  This is indeed a trip
back in time, the days of yesteryear when good guys wore white hats and
bad guys wore black hats.  That doesn’t quite hold true in today’s world
when we are being attacked on all sides by the evil that exists so
strongly on planet earth today.  Somehow the good guys are going to win,
even in the presentations of Marty Davis.  It’s still early to submit
CD’s to the Rural Roots Music Commission for next year’s ‘CD of the
Year” awards, but this one is going with my best regards.  What I really
like is Marty’s selection of songs, the list of composers is
impressive.  Marty Robbins, Ed Bruce, Tom Russell, Tompall and Jim
Glaser, Bob Nolan, wow it doesn’t get much better. Mudoing tch continued
success to Marty Davis on his adventure in doing the songs of the good
guys and the bad guys.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., NTCMA for Country Music News International

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