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CD Review: Logan Mize – Pawn Shop Guitar

Logan Mize – Pawn Shop Guitar

He released a
five-song digital EP album which he
produced alongside Jim Catino and Ryan Gore:
Thank God For You, El Camino, Can’t Get Away From A
Good Time, Better Off, What I Love About You
The way the guitars, harmonica and drums
come together in this album with intertwining melodies scoop my attention into
a musical embrace.  It perfectly
describes Logan Mize’s “Pawn Shop Guitar” album.  It reminded me the first time I bought a
guitar in a local music shop when I was a kid. 
While I was trying the instrument, a guy leaned forward and told me that
I cannot truly play the blues until my guitar has been in a pawn shop.  There’s nothing really wrong with where you
buy your guitar.  The important thing is
finding the type that you like, good quality and great electronics.  Ignite your passion for music, play, be
contagious and start jamming with Mize’s tracks.  Mize is not only a good guitarist, he is also
a good country-rock singer and songwriter. 
Not only that, he had his stint behind the camera.  It paved the way to his appearance on small
screen which opened doors of opportunities for him.
The opening song “Thank God for You” is
written by Logan Mize, Blake Chaffin, Jon McElroy and Randy Montana.  It is becoming my favorite in this album.  The nice upbeat, foot tapping country rock riff
inflicted with pop and a mind twisting superb guitar runs with rich vocals can sweep you along on a musical wave and sing along, “I thank God
there’s angels for young wild rebels, girls who can dance you away from the
devil.  Make my world spin ’round, the
way you do.  I thank God for the days
just a front porch swinging, holding your hand, the whole time.”  Gratitude doesn’t come naturally or easily to
some people.  In some cases, it needs to
be honed and crafted.  Logan Mize completely
nailed this song.  He’s taking hold of
God’s love, surrender everything at His feet and found forgiveness and a joyful
change.   It totally changed his life for the best.  He is also bringing our attention to some
weary souls who are in a cloud of frustration, hopelessness, brokenness, people
who are wounded, but crying out for something beautiful.  This is a sweet smelling track for all those
who are in the dark corner of the room, for those who are in the broken and
disconnected place right now.  Thumbs up
to Mize and his co-writers for the beautiful and powerful message, indeed this
track keeps you tapping along with his success.   “Better Off” is a sad song about two people who are way better off as friends than being together as a
couple while “What I Love about You” is the exact opposite.  Love is increasingly evident in this track.  It is deeply personal which reveals about a
man falling in love with a woman and obviously sees the the small and sweet
things about her and her personality that brings a smile to his heart.
Logan Mize is taking his music career in
stride and is picking up momentum which seems to be rivaling his upbeat
Journalist, Country Music News International 

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