CD Review: Lloyd Black – Everone Has A Story – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story – Broken Hearts In Broken
Hill – Broken Hearts In Broken Hill – Hazelwood – All These Years On – G
String – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – The Deepest Kind Of Love – Long Time
Coming – Thankful – Stronger

Lloyd Black is an Australian songwriter, singer,
recording artist, and a super nice friend.  He has been under my pen
before, even garnering a CD of the Year award from the Rural Roots Music
Commission.  He made the trip to America and had a great time.  This
newest album is a wonder.  Nine of the ten songs has his name as writer
on it. One song has Lindsay Waddington as a co-writer.  Lindsay has just
returned to Australia from a trip to our ‘rural Nebraska’ for his own
CD of the Year award.  Followed by a huge tour to Europe, he is back
home now.  He produced this session of Lloyd Black as well as playing
guitar, bass, and drums.  It’s the songs that grab the heart however,
Lloyd Back not only has a really nice writing pen, he’s also a very
listenable and honest vocalist that gives his all to his music.  He also
plays a mean harmonica, which he does really well on the very first
song.  I love the way he played it on Bob Dylan’s song “You Ain’t Goin’
Nowhere.”  His sensitive voice keeps the ‘standard’ set on this
recording very high.  He’s still a young man married to Sue a very
understanding loving woman.  I find it very interesting that the amazing
genre of country music is staying most truer to its creation in
Australia rather than the USA.  I’m afraid America has ‘lost’ it’s
‘real’ country music.  There’s also no doubt that Kross Kut Records in
Australia is more devoted to the ‘existence’ of that ‘real’ country
music sound which was so predominant in American music, long ago it now
seems.  It’s the ‘studio session’ sound that is so important to back the
sincerity of Lloyd Back’s vocals.  Lawrie Minson is on steel, harp,
dobro, and guitar.  Hugh Curtis is on fiddle, mandolin, strings, bass. 
Gus Fenwick is on bass.  Michael Rose on steel. This incredibly pleasant
listening experience is combined with a softer approach to ‘real’
country music, the steel and fiddle predominant making it so very
authentic.  Think back to some of country music’s finest ‘romantic’
style and you can feel a certain direct-connect to Lloyd Back and
Lindsay Waddington in this production.  What a nice time for me to
listen to this delightful music.  It’s nearly Christmas as I write this,
so thank you Lloyd for this very very nice present.

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show 

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