CD Review: LINDA EVANS – Sweet Memories


Sweet Memories
Let Me Be There  – Apartment #9 – Leaving and
Saying Goodbye – Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me – I’d Rather Be
Sorry – Once A Day – I’m Still Not Over You – Together Again – Someone
Had To Teach You – If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong, Do It Right – Sweet
Memories – I’d Rather Have Jesus

To my mind there are some tremendous classic and traditional
country music recording artists in Canada. They somehow have a very
strong and real knowledge of what ‘real’ country music is all about, and
Linda Evans from Ontario really has that perfectly in her mind.  This
CD is almost totally a male-female relationship concept, good and bad,
and extremely well done.  Linda Evans has the perfect voice for this
style of country music, and if things were different in the commercial
music world, you would find her at the top of the charts. “Top of the
Charts” these days however depends a great deal on how much money you
have to get there as opposed to ‘real’ talent.  Studios today can make
even a mediocre singer a good one, and that’s all they need on country
radio today.  Personally I’d rather listen to a country singer that has a
few warts than listen to the over preened and over produced people we
have on the country music charts today.  Linda Evans, however,  has that
‘special’ sound in her voice you can immediately recognize as the ‘real
deal.’  I like the ‘real’ musicians on this session too: Paul Evans on
‘steel’ one of the necessary instruments in ‘real’ country music.  Not
sure what the relationship between Paul and Linda is, but he also
produced and engineered this beautiful session. Super good job Paul. 
Steve Piticco is on lead and bass guitar (he’s especially good on “Don’t
You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me”); Robin Evans is on the fiddle,
another necessary instrument in ‘real’ country music.  Not sure of the
relationship here either, but it is outstanding fiddle playing, just as
it should be. Frank Woodcock supplied the back-up vocals.  It must have
been a pleasure in the studio to put this project together, because it
is so darn good. This CD shines all the way through, what a remarkable
accomplishment in ‘real’ country music today to hear it done so well. 
I’m not familiar with Linda’s career in Canada, but from listening to
this delightful CD I would suspect she is a ‘leader of the pack’ in
traditional and classic country music in that northland. The songs
selected for this project are also very sharp.  Some of the best
songwriters in country music appear here.  Jeannie Seely; Hank Cochran;
Kris Kristofferson; Willie Nelson; Buck Owens; Mickey Newbury; and one
of my close friends Whisperin’ Bill Anderson.  Even one of our own Iowan
terrific songwriters, Max D Barnes, another close friend (now gone)
that I did tons of shows with in Europe. This CD is a mindblower.  Thank
you Linda Evans for such a remarkable and pleasant listening
experience.  I will be forwarding this CD to the Rural Roots Music
Commission for their listening pleasure and selection of CD of the Year
Awards.  My very best of luck to you, and a long long career doing your
beautiful music.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association, for Country Music News International

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