CD Review: Lex K – Love Songs And Memories – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Love Songs and Memories

Nothing Ever Changes – What Do You Do On a Rainy
Day – Lancewood, Gidgee, & Mulga – Pushing Time Again – Quad Bike
Drovers – Milk Bottle – I Don’t Want You – Born For The Bush – Ain’t
Much Mate I Haven’t Tried – Old Love Songs And Memories – Old Time
Ranger – Footsteps Back In Time

Lex K is an Australian ‘country’ singer.  Boy is
he ever.  Lex is the composer of all the songs on this delightful album,
and he ‘writes’ country songs like they used to when it was one of the
most likeable and successful genres of music to ever come out of
America.  Being an Australian, Lex writes about what he knows best, of
course that includes some locations with strange names, stories we might
not hear in America, how time is changing things, and of places in
Australia not changing anything at all.  Lex is an elderly man, don’t
know his exact age, but he has a really nice ability with the pen, and
an equally nice ability putting his vocals on the songs that he has
written.  He ‘believes’ what he has written, and he also ‘believes’ in
his ability to put the song over.  I’d have to say this should be one of
the top contenders in country music recordings in Australia.  I also
have to add that Lex was smart enough to work with Lindsay Waddington
and Kross Kut Records, an amazingly successful Australian recording
adventure.  Lindsay Waddington will be at the 44th National Old Time
Country Music Festival in Fremont, Nebraska (October 3-4-5-6) to collect
several well-earned international CD-of-the-Year awards. He also worked
with Lex on this super nice to listen to album, playing guitar, bass
and drums.  And I’m sure he was in the studio helping with the mix,
which is an important part of any good recording.  This one falls in
that category, maybe a lot more than just ‘good.’  If you are a
traditionalist, this recordings is ‘terrific.’  Why do I say that?
Because this is the very epitome of what super good traditional country
music was all about. Lawrie Minson plays steel, Dobro, Harp, banjo,
slide guitar; Hugh Curtis on fiddle, strings, bass, mandolin; Glenn
Thomas on piano, organ, trumpet, trombone, Flagel horn; Gus Fenwick on
bass; and Tyson Colman on backing vocals.  This appears to be a ‘waiting
in line to participate’ kind of backing musician high-class player
participation.  Not only is it a super-good recording, for the musicians
it’s a really super-good opportunity to play the ‘real-deal’ because
that is what Lex K is known for. Being a harmonica player myself I sure
enjoyed hearing Lawrie Minson plays his harp.  Super.  I received this
CD too late for this year’s submissions to the Rural Roots Music
Commission, but I’m sure going to try to accept it for next year’s
contenders even though I’m too early for that.  What a nice listening
experience for me.  Super good Lex K, keep it up.

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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