CD Review: LeAnn Rimes – All Time Greatest Hits Album

LeAnn Rimes
 All Time Greatest Hits Album
Track Listing:  Blue, One Way Ticket, Unchained Melody, The
Light In Your Eyes, How Do I Live, You Light Up My Life, Amazing Grace, On the
Side of Angels, Commitment, Nothin’ New Under the Moon, Big Deal, I Need You, Can’t
Fight the Moonlight, But I Do Love You, The Right Kind of Wrong, Life Goes On, Nothin’
Bout Love Makes Sense, Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way, Something’s Gotta Give, Nothing’
Better To Do
LeAnn Rimes is most popular for her rich,
flawless and powerful vocals.  She began
singing as a child, performing at local talent contests.  Bill Mack, a record promoter discovered her.  He was so captivated by the gifted vocalist.  Since her breakthrough in the country music,
she has managed to build a strong career with her undeniable talents. LeAnn Rimes has won many awards including two
Grammys, a CMA, three ACMs, American Music award and 12 Billboard Music
She is one of the most
recognized recording artists in the music industry. 
“All-Time Greatest Hits “ album features
LeAnn’s biggest hits from her career.  It
opens up with Blue and it runs down the hits in chronological order.  The first stanza of “One Way Ticket (Because
I Can) says, “Standing on the border, looking out into the great unknown. I can
feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own.  There’s a new horizon and the promise of
favorable wind.”  I feel I’m connected to
this song in a way.  It reminds me of the
book I wrote, “Stepping Outside the Line Into Your Promise Dream”.  When we have a dream, we will be called to
something new.  Doing the uncomfortable
things and challenging our fears are never easy.   As the
song goes, “I won’t let fear clip my wings and tell me how high I can fly”  “The Light In Your Eyes” encourages us to
keep on shining, keep on smiling and never lose faith nor lose heart in
pursuing our dreams.    The power ballad “How Do I Live” was LeAnn’s
first attempt at pop music.  “Big Deal”
has a distinct country flavor while “I Need You” and “Can’t Fight the Moonlight
have a pop-making American style.   The
catchy “But I Do Love You”, “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” and “The Right Kind of
Wrong” are included in the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.  “Commitment” is having the right perspective
when praying for a life partner.    It’s great to see LeAnn Rimes make her foray
into Christian music in this album like “You Light Up My Life,” “Amazing Grace”
and “On the Side of Angels.  “Amazing
Grace” stands out on her collection, the acappella version is so powerful, it
gave me goose bumps.  The song reminds us
to keep our faith intact no matter what situations we’re in.  We make mistakes sometimes, but the great
news is, we have a merciful and forgiving God. 
Indeed, “All-Time Hits” album is a great collection of retrospective hits. 
REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News

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