CD Review: Lazy Boy – Get A Life

Lazy Boy – Get A Life
Get a Life 3:52 Bitch 2:45 Resist
3:00 Tijuana Rain 3:56 Nighttime Shuffle 2:56 Wham Bam 2:59
Crush on You 1:49 Devilish 2:56 Hit
the Road 03:11
Midnight Pain 02:32 I Must Kill You Now 03:11The Beast 03:55 Migrant Bird 03:19
Get on the
wagon train and start heading west. Get a Life, sets the wheels spinning
as you head through the tumbleweed scattering across the desert plains. Anyway,
that’s how it felt to me. Galloping Steel guitar with the drumbeat to match
almost made me feel like I was in an old Western.  The vocals really compliment the mood with
that deep raspy howl. 
Real high energy and speed, almost
like metal country if there is such a thing. This song is driven by the lyrics
and vocals. Although you can get that Dick Dale surf guitar sound. Bitch,
feels like it is a short song, and well it is at only two minutes and
forty-five seconds, but even in that limited time there still is a hell-uv-a
lot going on in those two minutes.
gets moving In almost a 50’s style groove. It has that heavy piano that reminds
me of a sock hop, no more like music from before the “day the music
died.”  It takes you to that bygone
The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly era. I wouldn’t call it country,
but rather the early days of rock-n-roll.
I feel like I crossed the border and
can actually taste the tequila and feel the Tijuana Rain the songs
about. It reminds me of a night in Central America, running down the street
trying to escape some hookers cat calling us, and jumping into a bar filled
with a mariachi band, trumpeters walking around as the crisp notes blared from
the bells.  This song should evoke
memories from anyone who has had some experience in Latin America.
Nighttime Shuffle, is a great rockabilly display, almost Stray Cats style. I
can picture the stand up bass, the lights, even the hair. This is one song I’d
love to catch live. Last time I saw a band like this was at a “Millenium
Falcon” shaped club called the Red Room on St. Charles Ave, in New
Orleans(close to Magazine Street).  Wham
continues the sound and the genre.
In this album you’ll find acoustic
and electric guitars, soothing background vocals, a stand up and electric bass,
the usual drums and percussion, an accordion, trumpets, a banjo and even a
grand piano. It is really well produced and has that wide range of genres I
spoke of earlier and maybe even some songs that just can’t be classified.
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News

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