CD Review: Larry Mercey – Full Speed Ahead – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Full Speed Ahead

Speed Ahead – You Always Come Through For Me – She Feels Like A New Man
Tonight – You’ll Find Me Where You are – True Blue – There’s Gotta Be A
Better Way Than This – When’s Momma Comin Home – Hold That Thought – If
I Could Live My Love Over – You’re Still In These Crazy Arms Of Mine

song is pretty much modern country, a little too rocky for me, HOWEVER
this really good vocalist wrote (or co-wrote) seven of the ten songs on
this album.  And these are good.  They are written in the traditional
style of classic country music, and they sound good to me.  It’s really
difficult to find anything like this on so-called top-40 country music
today.  That venue is overloaded with phony songs, phony artists, phony
promo.  So, even though I’m a strict traditionalist, and get a lot of
crap because I don’t care to listen to ‘country’ music of today that
isn’t ‘country’ music to me.  Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm. 
Maybe it’s because I listened to the ‘real’ artists of country music
when I was ten years old on my dad’s car battery powered radio  Be that
as it may, I’ll still like what I like, and what I don’t like I don’t
listen to.  In the case of Larry Mercey, he’s got some really good
tracks on this CD.  One of the first songs I heard here (even though it
wasn’t written by him) “She Feels Like a New Man Tonight” is really a
strong ‘go-back’ to ‘real’ country music, and how it was written, and
how it still is even though it has a really tough time getting through
the mega-rich power that controls the charts today.  One of Larry’s own
creations that ‘fit the bill’ is “True Blue,” a well written and a
well-sung song.  Larry Mercey  was a member of the band ‘The Mercey
Brothers’ who performed and recorded country music for some 30 years. 
This particular CD was released back in 1990, which means I’ll take a
listen to whatever comes my way.  After the Mercey Brothers broke up,
Larry began a solo career, living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and
fronted the Larry Mercey Trio.  He’s had the mantle of “Best Country
Male Vocalist” draped around his shoulders in Canada, and he’s still
doing a remarkable job keeping his music alive.  This studio production
uses some excellent musicians that know where to keep the ‘drive’ and
they also know how to make Larry’s voice stand out, which obviously
makes the overall production a nice easy listen.  Except perhaps for the
drums which are too far out front for pleasant listening to the
lyrics.  Don’t have the names of the musicians, but they are all good. 
Keep up the good work Larry Mercey, if you have anything new out, let me
know I’d like to hear what you are doing these days. RECORD REVIEW by Bob Everhart, Pres. National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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