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CD Review: KIM PLENDER – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Crazy – I’m Confessin’ – A Fool Such As I –
Anytime – Dark Green Pine Trees – Cowboy’s Sweetheart – He Thinks I
Still Care – Home – She’s Got You – Someday Soon – All Of Me Loves All
Of You – I Can’t Stop Loving You
My wife Sheila and I recently performed with Little David
Wilkins in the Black Hills of South Dakota at the High Country Guest
Ranch. We had a great time doing our ‘The Smithsonian Remembers’ and the
audience had a great time too, remembering the artists that made the
songs famous.  When it was all over Kim Plender came to visit for a bit,
and gave me this wonderful CD, with the hope that it might be good
enough to be reviewed.  “Good enough” my goodness this is a precious
recording of some of America’s best classic country songs, not only full
of love in the words, but full of love in how it was recorded.  Kim
plays rhythm guitar as well as the vocals.  I believe in the final mix I
would have let the rhythm guitar be a little louder than the drums. 
Reason being, she’s very good on it, and it compliments her voice
perfectly.  Her voice.  Aaaaa yes, here’s one of those beautiful voices
that should be on the country music charts, but isn’t, quite simply
because the country charts are not ‘country.’  Kim makes a perfect
statement about what ‘country’ is really all about, and this CD is right
there on third base ready for the home-run that it is.  Peter Wouden is
on the mandolin, and masterfully and comfortably places his instrument
in all the right places.  Katie Lautenschlager is the fiddler, a
mainstay in classic country music, and in this project right where it
needs to be. The bass and drums is Scott Miller.  The Patsy Cline
material on this CD is exceptionally well done, and brings back instant
memories of listening to not only a great voice, but a great song thanks
to Willie Nelson.  Kim Plender has one fine ‘real’ country CD in this
project.  I’ve heard these songs performed dozens of songs, from the
beginners to the stars, and Kim is only one step removed from the ‘star’
status.  I will gladly submit this CD to the Rural Roots Music
Commission for their appraisal.  Time is short but I believe they will
take the time to adequately acknowledge the beauty of this recording. 
If I ever get back up to the Black Hills, I hope I will have the
opportunity to hear Kim Plender perform live with her band Buffalo
Grass.  I would also like to hear her on the ‘Classic Country Music
Festival’ at the High Country Guest Ranch.  Five stars here.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, NTCMA, National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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