CD Review: Karen Waldrup – Justified – by Chris Keaton for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show



Colorado Kiss 2. Nobody’s
Runnin’ Away 3. Parker Presley 4. Justified 5. Slow and Easy 6. What Goes On In
This Bar 7. Sometimes He Does 8. Playin’ For My Cowboy 9.Warm In Your Sunshine
10. Cool Hat 11. I Hope You Dance

Full Disclosure: 
My dear friend, Steve O’Brien (who is a hit songwriter and author
himself) introduced me to Karen years ago and I have had a crush on her ever
since.  Except that one night when I ran
into her at a music industry event where I had been over served (LOL) and I
called her by the wrong name.

She has that thing.  She always has. She always will. Actually she
has MORE than that thing.  She has a work
ethic like no other.  She freakin’ works
all the time.  And she gets it done.  Every performance.  Every event. Every recording. She gives it

In my humble opinion, this latest release is her
best to date.  She is singing and playing
like the badass she always has been.

Several standouts on this LP include:

Nobody’s Runnin’ Away: the addition of horns
make this country number shake with southern rhythm and blues. And make no
mistake, she is one soulful singer.

Justified: the title track is the real
thing.  It sounds to me like this is
Karen’s life story.  The dues are paid in
every line and guitar riff and punctuated by the organ fills. This track makes
me continue to wonder why she is not a household name.

Slow and Easy: Again on this track she brings in
the horns and this r&b come on rules. Her hot as fire sensuous side burns a
hole in this track.  Like my dear friend,
Bruce used to say, “Ya’ll go ahead and loosen up your belts
now!”  Woo, I need a cigarette!

I Hope You Dance: She delivers.  I fully expected to roll my eyes when I heard
this but she did it. She brought a new life to this already amazing song.

Do yourself a favor.  Press pause on the panic and get this LP.
Then take the time to listen all the way through.  You’ll be glad you did.

publisher, music industry consultant, author, Member N.C. Music Hall of Fame
2016; Grammy Voting Member; Macy’s Style Crew

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