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CD Review: The Jewel Machine – From There to Infinity

The Jewel Machine - From There to Infinity
         Five-Song EP: The Man Who Walks Alone, Too Much
 Silence, They Call Me By Your Name, Everyone, A Little Goes
 A Long Way
            It was near the exact geographical center of the
 State of Tennessee that Ashlie Jewel and Terry McClain met. In the town of Murfreesboro TN, near the college, is an obelisk pinpointing that exact location. Although Terry
 “The Machine” McClain was born near Boston,
 Massachusetts, his family soon moved to Middle Tennessee.
They were not far from the childhood home of Ashlie Jewel, unbeknownst to one another, until one magical, mystical night, out by the old hollow, when everything changed.
 There To Infinity EP by
 duet, The Jewel Machine, blends the best of Appalachian
 country music stylings, as found in song A Little Goes A
 Long Way, featuring banjo, hand clapping and foot stomping
 with Country music themes and harmonies, as in The Man Who
 Walks Alone.
         This album covers it all. Americana, Old Timey,
 Country, Bluegrass, and Pop, all have a chemistry and a
 wryness that as the verses weave, you realize that there is
 something musically unique is going on between these two
 artists. What they seem to be doing is working. It is
 complicated but it just gels. On one hand you have a Pop
 overture hybrid, that as the notes spill forth with depth of
 phrasing you simply revel at the music logic. Then they
 borrowed the best of Bluegrass, and created fast running
 melodies that give you a thrill of the chase or are clearly
 reminiscent of a train ride.
         The EP mix also includes songs with a blend of
 Irish folk sense, including melodic riffs that twist
 slightly with a portion of Pop so intriguing and so faint
 you barely realize it’s there until it spills over at you
 unexpectedly, and then you love it. 
         McClain is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar,
 piano, drums, mandolin and banjo. When Ashlie first heard the
 melodies and harmonies of the front porch music it shaped
 her musical soul, and she became a self-trained folk artist.
 The listener will be glad for this collaboration. This is
 their first release with major distributor Orchard/Sony in
 2017 with A.I.M. Artists In Music.
           by Barbara Meyer-Spidell
for Country Music News International

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