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CD Review: JESSE PAUL – Here’s To Luke The Drifter


Here’s To Luke The Drifter
Gathering Flowers – Dust On The Bible –
Great Judgement Morning – Walkin’ and Talkin’ – Beautiful Home – Men
With Broken Hearts – Searched Heaven For You – Gathering Jewels – Dear
Brother – Waiting For Me
I haven’t heard some of these remarkable songs for quite
some time, but Jesse Paul, from Newfoundland, Canada, knows exactly how
they sounded those many years ago when they were so popular with
ordinary, regular, down-home folks.  Jesse has a voice that perfectly
fits these old songs, and the dedication to Luke the Drifter (better
known as Hank Williams, Sr.) is a wonderful listening experience.  There
is more singers than just Jesse.  The second song “Dust On The Bible”
has a very ‘real country’ female voice doing wonderful justice to the
meaning of this great old gospel song. We hear the first ‘real’ tribute
to Luke the Drifter with “Great Judgement Morning” which is how Luke did
some of his ‘talk’ sessions.  The CD is a wonderful step back in time
however, both music and poetic expression.  I’m not very familiar with
Jesse Paul, and there isn’t a lot available on him on the internet,
although there is some you-tube releases.  He’s got a very very
beautiful honest country voice, and it fits everything he is doing on
this recording.  Don’t have the backing artists, but they have a 70’s
sound that also fits what Jesse is doing.  What I really like is that
his voice is out front above the instruments.  It’s easy to hear and
understand everything he is doing.  Today, especially in the modern
non-country music we hear, vocals are mixed to near un-hearable, much
less understand what they are saying or singing.  Not the case with
Jesse Paul.  He sings with conviction and determination to share these
wonderful messages of redemption and promises fulfilled.  Lots of great
keyboard, organ, lead guitar, all of which sounds just right behind this
wonderful ‘real’ country voice.  It’s the last day for me to submit
CD’s to the Rural Roots Music Commission, but I shall surely do that
with this album, which is ‘real’ country-gospel through and through.
Lots of luck in your music career Jesse, and if the RRMC gives you the
nod, I certainly hope you can make the long trip to the USA to receive
the honors at the ‘National Old Time Music Festival’ (Aug 28-Sept 3)
held in LeMars, Iowa, the ice cream capital of the world.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres. National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com
for Country Music News International

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