CD Review: JEFFREY LEE – Sings Favorites


Sings Favorites

Ghost Riders – East of West Berlin – Rebel
Soldier – Crying Holy To The Lord – Place Out In The Country – Boy With A
Future – Dog Gone Lonesome – BJ the DJ – The Chair That Rocked Us All –
The Bird

Bobby Darren who produced and played on this CD is perhaps the
State of Wisconsin’s very best traditional and classic country music
performer.  Darren not only picks an astonishing guitar (his acoustic
sound is incredible), he is also a songwriter, a singer, and a master of
several instruments including the fiddle, mandolin, and Dobro, which he
uses to special effect on every song on this CD, a super combination of
talent by both Bobby Darren and Jeffrey Lee.  I like Jeffrey’s voice,
it fits the song selections on this album really well.  Put that
together with Darren’s absolute control of what each song is going to
sound like, and he have a win-win situation.  It’s a real pity that
‘real’ country music has been replaced at the national level with a
musical genre that is not ‘country’ at all.  If it were different, I
believe both Bobby Darren and Jeffrey Lee would have found comfortable
niches in the market, if not at lot of fame, certainly a comfortable
income for quite a long time.  The first song on this album “Ghost
Riders” is actually “Ghost Riders In The Sky” and is an astonishingly
good rendition of that song.  Bobby Darren’s guitar sets the mood, and
what an entrancing mood that is, when you can listen to the variations
and subtle emanations from an acoustic guitar that has that ‘just right’
sound to match the song and the vocalist. There’s a number of songs on
this project that I’ve not heard before, and they are all super good
terrific ‘real’ country songs.  “Story songs” to be sure, as well as a
few oldies covered more than adequately, as a matter of fact it’s a very
genuine personal sound we hear, and a good one it is.  I have a couple
of favorites, “Rebel Soldier” one of those oldies, is sung really well
here.  So is “Crying Holy To The Lord.  Off this one goes to the Rural
Roots Music Commission to see what they think, and I believe I already
know what that is.

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association, for Country Music News International

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