CD Review: JANINE SHERRY – Christmas Songs To You


Christmas Songs To You
Blue Christmas – I’ll Be Home For Christmas –
Pretty Paper – Winter Wonderland – Memory of an Old Christmas Card –
White Christmas

Janine Sherry sent this wonderful ‘Christmas’ CD about the same
time that Sheila, Bobbie Lhea, and I left for California, so it sat in
the post office for a month or more.  Janine checked with me to see if I
had received this delightful CD, and of course I hadn’t, so she very
generously sent another to me here in warm California. Not exactly the
right time of the season to review a Christmas CD, but the important
factor here is that it is a musical tribute to Christ, the reason we
celebrate Christmas, and for me that is anytime.  Janine Sherry has one
of those very entertaining and delightful voices that is perfectly
suited to this kind of music.  Has some super nice very country backing
which makes it all the more fun to listen to.  It was recorded by Dave
Anderson at Studio 411 Recording.  Don’t know who the musicians are, but
they are all professionals.  Dave and Shira Witte provided the back-up
harmonies, just right.  I never cease to be amazed at some of the
productions coming out of rural America that are just as good, and in
most cases (like this one) that is so much better than what we hear
coming out of Nashville.  “Country” is a word, a rather large umbrella
word that covers a lot of musical styles and impressions, but does not
include integrating styles and methods that do not blend with the
original creation.  The removal of the steel and fiddle obviously does
not portent well for real country music.  “Pop” is of course a short
word for ‘popular’ meaning everything goes.  That isn’t the case with
‘real’ country music creators and producers.  I especially like the way
Dave Anderson produced the Willie Nelson song, “Pretty Paper,” and it
goes right back to the Patti Page/Dinah Shore style of country music
with some ‘pop’ thrown in, but not enough to incapacitate the ‘true’
country objective.  Janine Sherry’s voice stand right up there with
these kinds of artists.  Even though it is not the Christmas season as I
listen to this fine CD, it is still a wonderful experience listening to
Janine sing. She has a wonderfully talented country voice, and it
excels in this delightful production.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots
Music Commission.  Not sure how they will evolve a seasonal project like
this, but that’s why they are who they are.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – – President, National Traditional Country Music Association, for Country Music News International

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