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CD Review: GLENN & DOTTIE TUBB – Share The Joy Of The Lord

Share The Joy Of The Lord
My Lord Has Gone – There’s A Healer In The
House – I Do – He Would Die For Me – The Potter’s Wheel – I’ve Got A
License To Fly – Tell Him – Hurricane – To The World – Quiet Time With
Jesus – Walls – One Israeli Morn – Spy In The Sky
Glenn Tubb, Ernest’s nephew, came to our festival in LeMars
a couple of years ago for induction into America’s Old Time Country
Music Hall of Fame, and also accept for his uncle Ernest Tubb.  It was
quite a remarkable experience because we got to hear Glenn sing one of
his original songs he wrote “Skip A Rope” which Henson Cargill made a
hit.  Glenn and Dottie Tubb have devoted their life to bringing the good
news of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ to audiences world wide, and
this particular album is chock full of some incredibly well written
songs about that very topic.  All of these songs are Glenn Tubb
creations, as a matter of fact the very first song “My Lord Has Gone”
was a song Glen was co-writing with Johnny Cash, the very last song Cash
was working on before he passed away.  Johnny Cash’s contribution to
the song was the words he had already written.  He asked Glenn to finish
it, including the melody line, and it is an amazing representation of
what Johnny Cash was thinking as he neared his final moments on planet
earth.  This entire album of Glenn and Dottie Tubb are amazing songs of
faith, each and every one of them a testament of faith, belief, and
certainly absoluteness.  It’s also incredibly well done musically.  the
backing musicians are just right for this project.  Don’t know who
played what exactly, but being a harmonica player myself, I sure
appreciated the just right addition of that instrument in various
spots.  Melody lines throughout are extremely well done, and many times
the happiness of knowing the true salvation of Jesus, shines through and
through.  Glenn’s own song “He Would Die For Me” is pretty much his
solid belief expressed in a very believable way, and extremely well
done, and perhaps describes the entire devotion this couple has toward
Jesus Christ, especially the tradition with a lot of class and style. 
The album liner notes say Glenn and Dottie Tubb have devoted their life
to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ wherever they are.  Musicians
involved in this session includes Jim Sales, Steve Hinson, Rory Faciane,
Phil Wolfe, and Mack Jones.  Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission
this CD goes.  They are always looking for good gospel music entries, I
hope they will take this one into serious consideration.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – President, National Traditional Music Association for Country Music News International

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