CD Review: GINNY PETERS – Moments In Memory


Moments In Memory
Going To Make Every Day A Good Day – I Never
Got Over The Heartbreak – Your Burning Into My Mind – I Just Stopped
Believing Today – If It Wasn’t For The Mirror – One Night At A Time –
Any Old Time – Reasons To Stay – They Were Good Days (Special Days) – If
This Is Right – It’s My Life – My Heart Brings Me Back To You – Inside
Resources – Stormy Weather – Your Scars Don’t Show – Buga Boo Worries – I
Won’t Get Over You So Easy This Time – Lady In A 67 Pontiac
The indubitably ‘best songwriter’ in New Zealand, Ginny
Peters, has never stopped her dream of songwriting from happening. 
She’s still writing and singing in New Zealand.  AND, she is still
recording her hits, and she definitely knows what a good country music
song is.  For her it’s a little more than three chords and the truth. 
For Ginny Peters it has to also be inspired, it has to be personal, it
has to be refined, and it definitely has to be an adventure.  Starting a
great career by going to California to team up with Cliffie Stone,
after he heard a session Ginny recorded with musicians of Jerry Lee
Lewis in the Sun Studios in Memphis, was her first experience of dealing
with the ‘big time.’  That event captured Ginny’s songs for
perpetuity.  She’s had 76 of her original songs recorded by artists from
five different countries.  Thirteen of those original songs, recorded
in 2016/2017 appear on this CD, her newest one. It’s a masterpiece. 
Errol Peters, Ginny’s husband, mixed and mastered this entire project,
and did it amazingly well. I’d say as good, if not better, than anything
coming out of Nashville these days.  My wife Sheila and I did two tours
to New Zealand, which is how we met Ginny and Errol, who became
lifelong friends.  Not only to just Sheila and myself, but to everyone
that likes ‘real’ country music.  One of our mutual friends is Peter
Posa, the incredible guitarist that hobnobbed with the Rat Pack in Las
Vegas after his hit record “White Rabbit” amassed such a huge
following.  Peter asked if he could back Sheila and I at one of our
concerts, we said sure of course, and much to our surprise he could pick
the ‘Wabash Cannonball’ better than anyone we had ever heard pick it. 
Ginny Peters was there that day, she arranged the concert.  I’ll never
forget the huge smile on her face, and the wonderful feeling it gave me
to see her applauding her friends in country music.  Mark it down as one
of my own very personal ‘moments in memory.’  This album is going to be
a big favorite of her already large fan base.  But I firmly believe
that it will also enter the mainstream of young listeners as they seek
out a little more ‘truth’ and ‘feeling’ in the music they listen to,
instead of the robotic manufactured sound coming from Nashville these
days.  It takes a true songwriter like Ginny Peters to write songs about
‘real’ events, ‘real’ feelings, ‘real’ experiences. To simply be told
to go write a song about truck drivers is already passé, but they still
do it that way in Nashville.  I’m so sorry they can’t have the expertise
and the incredibly good songwriting abilities of Ginny Peters in their
music publishing offerings.  That’s sad, BUT somehow I expect, they will
eventually find her.  Sometimes it takes awhile, but eventually they
do.  Off this CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission, but like
Loretta Lynn, most likely, Ginny Peters will not make the long journey
to LeMars for the ceremonies.  Still, I always hope for the best, we’ll
see what happens.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., for Country Music News International

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