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CD Review: Gem Andrews North – By Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Gem Andrews


Letter 3:23 Sing Your Song 3:39
Lungs 2:58 Bare 2:50 Feather & Skin 2:46 Two Lighthouses 2:13

Two by Two 2:32 Straight Lines 2:49
Medicate 2:46 Carole 3:30 Come a Long Way 1:56

While the fires are still burning in
California and the snow is blanketing the northeast, down here in Florida it is
sunny and about 80° F.  Now today is just
one of those days where I hate to be inside cooped up attempting to write a
review.  I can only hope it’s not a band
I despise.

Thankfully, I put on Gem Andrews and
took a listen to the first tune, Letter. It’s a nice slow song and right
out of the gate I am pleasantly surprised by her vocal ability, the acoustic
melody and the sweet-sounding fiddle in the background. This song also
demonstrates a professional level of songwriting which is nice. This was a
great way to open up this album.

Okay, I decided to check out, Sing
Your Song.
It has the acoustic and fiddle a nice slow beat but this song is
really driven by the lyrics and vocals. I do like the way that each song is a
picture of living. The song really brings you into her life and allows an
intimate look at her feelings.

Now, Feather & Skin, I
just had to check out. It just sounds sexy and erotic by the title. I hope I’m
not expecting too much and am about to be let down. I absolutely love the
opening. Her vocals come out against a keyboard or piano and almost echo in
defiance. This isn’t what I expected but I sure am not let down by it. It kinda
reminds me of Stevie Nicks. Just the way the song begins with a slow roll and
then increases in tempo and tone. So far this is my favorite song on this

Come a Long Way, reminds me of a wagon train. It
makes me wonder if this was actually written for a movie. It does have that
fiddle that makes me think of a mountain music/bluegrass jug band influence.
It’s the kinda song that one would hear at a Walt Disney World western

Overall, this album had its ups and
downs, its high and low points. An older generation would absolutely adore it.
Its clean, nice and provides a great deal of family friendly songs. I really do
like the way her influences are on full display, almost as if it’s a tribute. I
say it’s worth a listen and may even be great for family get-togethers and

By Jeremy Frost for Country Music
News International

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