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CD Review: Dustin Lynch – Current Mood – by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show



Too  3:06 Seeing Red  3:14 Small Town Boy 3:26 Why We Call Each
Other 3:21

Here We
Come 3:25 Love Me or Leave Me Alone 4:05 Back on It  3:29 I Wish You Were Beer 3:07

Lines 3:11 Party Song  3:12 New Girl  3:39 Why Not Tonight 3:06 Sun Don’t go Down
on That 3:04

Wow! This one really took me by
shock. I was just talking to an old girlfriend that I really want to be back
with. The first song, Jealous Too, really took me by surprise I was
expecting this to be another sad song. The production is amazing, and Dustin
can really sing. The song has a fast tempo, it’s catchy but by no means cliché.
So far, it looks like I may have judged a book by its cover and I should know

Let’s move on to, Seeing Red.
I mean when I see red I’m out of control, I’m interested in how they pull this
off. I’m hoping he’s not a “one hit wonder”. Dustin Lynch has a very deep vocal
range that really drives his songs. The guitar riffs are deep and powerful. The
production itself has a lot of sound effects most likely a keyboard. The song
has a really strong ending which somewhat fit the tone of the song along with
its meaning and title. This song hit number 1 on the country charts and there
is good reason for it.

Okay, I just had to review this one,
I Wish You Were Beer. It has a very strong bass line that seems to drive
it. It mainly carries the same riff all the way through with a mild bridge to
the chorus. This song is mainly focused on the vocals and lyrics. The vocals
really hit the mark with some humor to the lyrics, maybe a little cheeky.
Overall, it’s a good tune and is well worth the listen.

Party Song,threw me for a loop at first.
Before, Dustin begins to sing, you think okay which way is this song gonna go,
back to the 70’s. But then he begins to really let loose. This song really
impresses with the lyrics, vocals, and grove that would get anybody slugging a
Budweiser in the cab of a pickup with a bonfire blazing.

There’s really nothing bad one can
say about an album that made its debut at #2 on Billboards country music chart.
Dustin has been named “Best New Artist,” from the American Country Music Awards
and had the Breakthrough Video of the Year on the CMT Awards. He’s not going
anywhere anytime soon.

By Jeremy Frost for Country Music
News International

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