CD Review: DONNA CUNNINGHAM – Country Covers


Country Covers
Would You Lay With Me – Don’t It Make My
Brown Eyes Blue – Good Hearted Man – Honky Tonk Angels – Blanket On The
Ground – Til I Can Make It On My Own – Rockin’ Chair – Stand By Your Man
– Take It Back – I Always Love You – Broken Wing – Have Mercy – Save
The Last Dance For Me – It’s A Little Too Late – You And Me – Satin
Sheets – I’m Not Lisa – It’s Only Make Believe – There He Goes –
Tennessee Waltz – I Was Country – Clayton Delaney – I Ain’t Never –
Heartaches By The Number – Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On – Stand
By Me
Wow this is one incredible CD full of simply great ‘real’
country songs, many of them from the female point of view, but Donna
Cunningham does justice to each and every one of these 26 songs, all on
one CD.  Takes a while to listen to all of this great music, but Donna
has such a sweet and lovely voice, that’s not so hard.  Donna is one of
those gifted artists that surrounds herself with very proficient
musicians.  She does this everytime she goes in the studio, and the
result is of course, extremely high grade high octane country music. 
This huge list of great hit songs just got another shot in the arm for
the publishing and royalty monies due the songwriters.  Donna has a huge
following in Europe, and this CD is a reflection of that.  She has a
very distinct ‘touch’ with some of these songs, especially the slower
ones that deal with love, romance, the winning and the losing of it. 
Takes the listener on a wonderful trip back in time when country music
was country, and so easy to listen to.  Donna makes it even easier by
bringing her voice directly to the ‘meaning’ of each and every song on
this album.  Making her home in Ohio, Donna travels the world sharing
her beautiful voice.  On this CD is her version of “Don’t It Make My
Brown Eyes Blue,” done masterfully.  You can also hear and see Donna do
this song live on you-tube at a private concert.  Donna has been singing
country music since she was a child, growing up and enamored with the
sounds of traditional country.  As you listen to this particular CD, you
will come away amazed that a woman with such a beautiful voice is not
as famous as the artists that originally recorded these very popular
songs.  The only difference between Donna Cunningham and any top-ten
recording artist is that one single song that belongs totally to her. 
The old adage, “no great singer is great without a great song” couldn’t
be more true than in the case of Donna Cunningham.  I do truly expect
her to not only ‘find’ that song, suited exactly to her voice and
style, but more importantly ‘find’ the national and international fame
that has eluded her.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – President NTCMA for Country Music News International

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