CD Review: Don Joy & Melanie Lynn – You & That Old Texas Swing


You & That Old Texas Swing

incredible brand-new CD is a rough-cut copy of what is going to be one
of the best CD’s this talented couple has ever recorded.  Missouri
artists from the word go, they have the ‘just-right’ voices for an album
of ‘Texas’ Swing.  Even though this copy I am listening to hasn’t been
‘mastered’ yet, I can tell anyone who likes Western Swing, they are
going to love this album.  The fiddles are so very reminiscent of Bob
Wills and Spade Cooley, it’s truly ‘on the mark.’  Both Don &
Melanie have incredibly good voices, and I believe you will get to hear
Don Joy with his vocal renditions right where they should be.  He gives a
slightly Ray Price ‘style’ to his voice but he’s still Don Joy and you
can identify him with that amazing ability to bring a song alive. 
Melanie Lynn is right there too, she is especially good in harmony
singing. “Rose Of My Heart” is one of the songs where ‘duet’ singing
between these two really comes alive.  Both the steel and the fiddles
are doing an incredibly good job on this release.  It will definitely
take you back to another era, another time, when ‘music’ was done for
the pleasure of ‘entertaining’ the listener.  That isn’t happening in
the country music world of today.  But it definitely is happening with
this couple who has teamed up with some amazing musicians to bring back
western swing, alive and well.  I personally hope the Western Music
Association gets to hear this CD, once it’s been finished and mastered,
right off the bat.   Those folks will be completely surprised to find
such a ‘moving’ musical art work function so incredibly well.   This CD
is just loaded with ‘love’ songs, and in Texas they have a ‘special’ way
to share this feeling.  So does this couple.  Let me be the first to
tell you that Don and Melanie are at the ‘top of the class’ right now. 
The music business however has a very stagnant approach to ‘new’
artists, not of their own finding.  My fondest hope is that somehow this
couple  can overcome this way of doing ‘business’ in the music world.  I
find it completely satisfying to hear Don Joy using the ‘quaver’ in his
voice to full appreciation of ‘making a statement of love.’    I
believe there are some ‘originals’ on this CD because I don’t recognize
all of them.  But then again, I haven’t heard every ‘love’ song ever
written, but I certainly can ‘feel’ the effect  this couple has on the
words they are singing.  I listened to this very refreshing album twice,
to make sure I was hearing the ‘effect’ because it is so stimulating,
and so very entertaining.  Even though this album is not quite finished
at the studio, I am forwarding it to the Rural Roots Music Commission
immediately since they are still open for ‘CD of the Year” awards. RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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