CD Review: DAVID GREEN – Gospel Favorites Vol. 1


Gospel Favorites Vol. 1
I Saw The Light – Man In Sandals – Mansion
On The Hilltop – Master’s Boquet – Were You There? – Three Men On A
Mountain – Jordan – I Heard Mother Call My Name – Little Mountain Church
House – In The Garden
As I listen to David Green’s brand new Gospel CD, our
beautiful America is in the throng of a political election unlike
anything that has ever happened in our country.  What that means to me
is, I need a good dose of great ‘real’ old-time gospel music.  That’s
exactly what David Green does with his wonderful and excellent guitar
picking, both the rhythm and the lead parts, and his very good
traditional country singing.  He plays a really nice sounding guitar,
and he knows how to use it properly with some excellent old-time gospel
songs.  He arranged to have some of his close friends helping him on
this nice project, but does not tell us who they are on his album cover,
but a few of them I recognize just from hearing them on the CD.  Rick
& Harriette Andersen I can identify easily, they join David on Terry
Smith’s “Far Side Banks of Jordan.”.  Upright bass, acoustic guitar,
and harmonica all lend a beautiful addition to this lovely old-time
musical presentation.  Marge Lund is also introduced to us, as is Fred
& Dorothy Techau who does a great job on “In The Garden.”  David has
so kindly dedicated this CD to his mother who is no longer with us,
however his father Harold is still active, and a photo of mom and dad
are on the inside cover.  Nicely done.  The first song “I Saw The Light”
might have a little to much reverb on it, but that fades away as one
listens, until we get the really good hard-core ‘real-deal’ when it
comes to a simple adoration and appreciation for our Lord Jesus Christ.
David Green will not be moved from his foundation belief in Christ, it’s
all positive, and delightfully done.  This CD is much like the really
early mountain folk presentations.  Nothing phony about this, it’s
exactly as it sounds whether it’s in a studio or on a stage somewhere,
or in a concert.  That’s what’s so great about old-time music without
any of the demands made by some uncompromising producer.  It’s very
real, it’s exactly as it is, and it’s very entertaining. Since this is
Volume-1, I’m sure we’re going to hear more from David Green &
Friends although we don’t know who they might be.  Bottom line on this
great CD is that it goes directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission
even though it’s early for them to make CD of the Year decisions.  Since
I also sit on the Board there, my vote is going to go to David.
CD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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