CD Review: Colin Hay – Fierce Merce

Colin Hay – Fierce Merce

Come Tumblin’ Down, Secret Love, A Thousand
Million Reasons, The Best In Me, Frozen Fields of Snow, The Last To Know, I’m
Going to Get You Stoned, I’m Walking Here, Two Friends, She Was The Love Of
Mine, I’m Inside Outside In, Blue Bay Moon, Love Don’t Mean Enough
The Scottish-born Colin Hay migrated to
Australia and became an actor and a vocalist of Men at Work band.  Later, he went solo and made a career in the
early 2000.  “Secret Love” is packed with
adventure, mystery and excitement of falling in love secretly.  The instruments bring to mind Zorro who fought
while riding his horse.  There’s
something intriguing about the thread of the story as Colin Hay sings, “You
pass by almost everyday…I struggle to find the words to say…I’m living in my
own prison of war…My heart won’t be silent anymore…I may not recover…Since I
discovered my Secret love”.  His heart’s
battle cry is raging with the melody and volume beat rose to overflowing on to
surrendering.  It draws on the
relationship between fear of revelation and loving forever.  Which is stronger? The answer still lies in
the phrase, “No guts, no glory!” Not getting out of the box will bring people
to a cycle of limitations. 
“A Thousand Million Reasons” is singing
like never before, being joyful for finding true love accompanied by a grateful
heart.  The dreamy sound of the fiddle
evokes sharing deep, tender moments in Paris and enchantingly paired with
reasons and seasons.  As the lines go,
“Into the rise and fall…Of each and every night and day…Together we’ll breathe
into the wind” bringing the best in life.
“I’m Walking Here” is a rap which reveals
complicated issues the world is facing.  It’s
kind of like an awareness song which has grown increasingly more complex
towards the end of the track.  Everyone’s
crying out for a Savior and there’s none other than letting the light covers
the dark.
“She Was The Love Of Mine” is fast becoming
my favorite song in the album.  It’s a
tribute to the mother.  It’s inspiring
and moving at the same time as Colin Hay sings, “She was the love of mine…And I
held her hand in mine…She has the mercy like the rising of the sea…She opened
my eyes to wonder…In my wandering eyes I held her…In this moment her soul
became a part of me…Mother of mine…You are the light that always shines…Into
the world you let me see…She was the love of mine and we…We had the best of
times”.  This track is truly a deep,
unfathomable expression of love.
Journalist, Country Music News International 

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