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CD Review: Chris Young – I’m Comin’ Over

Comin’ Over
Track Listing:
Heartbeat, I’m Comin’ Over, Think of You,
You Do the Talking’, I Know a Guy, Alone Tonight, Sunshine Overtime, Sober
Saturday Night, Underdogs, Callin’ My Name, What If I Stay.
Comin’ Over” marked Chris Young’s fifth album. 
He was definitely walking on a new territory on this one because it was
his first time to co-produce the track and co-write with Corey Crowder.  He also wrote the songs in collaboration with
Josh Hoge, Liz Rose, Cary Barlowe, Benjy Davis, Brett Tyler, Jeremy Stover,
Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Jonathan Singleton and Johnny Bulford .  Chris Young is supported by Vince Gil in this
album.  “I’m Comin’ Over” has a vivid,
cinematic style.  I can imagine it like a
movie in my mind’s eye while listening to it. 
I hear a mixture of  romantic
ballad, a bit of rock, pop, country and a bite of R&B.  Chris sings winsome melodies with nice drum
loops and steel guitar in the background. 
The songs are perfect fit for his classic barritone voice. 
The album kicks into gear with “Heartbeat”.  It sends us signals about being in love and
how the heart starts racing when you catch sight or get so close to the person
you love and the magic persist.  The
twist starts when Chris starts singing the upsetting “Think of You”.  The lyrics are laced with small details of a
break up.  Both look back on the good
times they shared.   It’s a song a lot of
couples can relate.   Cassadee Pope’s light, charming and clear
voice combined with Chris’ ravishing tone in this single give a full-bodied
melody that draws listeners to reminisce with them.   It
never fails to get stuck in my head as soon as I hear it.  “Sober Saturday Night” is a heartbreaking
song about sharing something profound with someone and losing that person.  The wailing of the electric and steel guitar
together with the drums makes the pain more pronounced.  “Sunshine Overtime” brings a light mood in
the atmosphere with sunshine here and there.  
“You Do the Talkin’’” and “Alone Tonight” are dreamy and soulful songs
with great tunes.  The only letdown for
me are the inclusion of swear words in a couple of songs.  All in all, “I’m Comin’ Over” album tells
about love, hurt, love lost and loneliness. 
It is epic in pulling emotions.  Chris
Young is never going to let you down.  The
melodies definitely have the power to lift your mood even on the darkest of
Journalist, Country Music News International 

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