CD Review: Brad Paisley – Moonshine In The Trunk

Brad Paisley – Moonshine In The Trunk

Crushin’ It, River Bank, Perfect Storm,
High Life, Moonshine In The Trunk, Shattered Glass, Limes, You Shouldn’t Have
To, 4WP, Cover Girl, Gone Green, JFK 1962, American Flag On The Moon, Country
Nation, Me and Jesus
“Crushin’ It” is written by Brad Paisley,
Kelley Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller and it shouts the TGIF (Thank God It’s
Friday) chillin’ to leave all the complications for a while and enjoy the day.  It’s an echo to that expression, “Stop and
smell the roses.”  It’s that time when
you de-stress yourself and have fun.   “River Bank” was  number 2 on the Country Airplay chart and is
obviously the continuation of the lighthearted fun as they wait for their dream
to come to pass and enjoy the pleasure of being in the river.  “Perfect Storm” is falling for a very
complicated but very interesting woman, a perfect mixture of a dream woman for song
writers Brad Paisley, Dubois and Anderson-. 
As the song goes: She’s Sunday drive meets…She ain’t just a song…She’s
the whole mixtape…She’s so complicated…That’s the way God made her…Sunshine
mixed with a little hurricane.  “High
Life” shows the wheel of life is not constant. 
People say that Change is the only thing that is constant and the shift
of circumstances in this track is a learning lesson that links to the principle
of harvesting what you have sown.  When
the wheel turns, battles begin.  The
response and the lifestyle you adopt will have great impact on the future.  When you’re at the top or in the best season
of life and don’t know how to balance and manage what you have or what has been
handed down to you, you’ll loose something valuable.  When your situation is being shifted at the
bottom, you learn to humble yourself, you get stronger and wiser to go beyond
your circumstances.  It’s a great track
to reflect whether your situation is a learning lesson or a consequence.  The song features the back up vocals of
Carrie Underwood.  “Moonshine In The
Trunk” is a wonderful blend of a foot tapping pop, Celtic and country
beat.  The catchy rhythm puts you into
action right away.   It’s a honky tonk
melody with guitar licks that chase you down where you’re headed.    
Paisley wrote “Shattered Glass”, it depicts
a real person and an imaginary person. 
It tells about her wife Kimberly Williams Paisley’s cause, her purpose
in life.  She’s a leading voice for
Alzheimer’s research and pursuing her dream but encounters bumps along the
way.  The impact of this song is quite
heavy on me because it’s encouraging us women who are called to make a
difference in this life, women who stepped out from being self-centered to
becoming other’s centered and are undergoing challenges while pursuing the dream,
breaking the walls of hindrances and never giving up, never letting anyone clip
our wings.  Women are destined to not keep
silent, but roar like a lion, fly like eagles and to do great things so
everyone will be blessed.  Guitar licks
inspires listeners to get out of the comfort zone and embrace the dream without
limits and accelerate to a higher level. 
“Me and Jesus” is another impactful track.  Tom T. Hall’s lyrics paints brokenness turned
into something beautiful due to the special relationship with Jesus.  It’s a beauty for ashes song.   The
track teaches us how to get out of the woods, turn into a new leaf, have a new
heart and know our purpose in life.
Journalist, Country Music News International 

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