CD Review: Blackbeard’s Tea Party – Leviathan! by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Tea Party


The Diamond   3:29 DLFN  
4:10 Leviathan!    4:31 The Lost
Triangle   6:32 Weary Wailing Ground 5:43

You know when you have to wait for
an answer for a period of time, and you sit there on pins and needles for a
response? That’s how I feel. I completed my interview for a master’s program
out in Monterey, CA and now I have to wait for two weeks for a yes or no.
Anyway, this band was a good pick for me. It’s all about the “luck of the draw”
with these. It’s kinda like playing Russian Roulette. The album could be really
good or absolutely horrible. So, I’ll get right into it.

The Diamond, opens up the album and really sets
the tone. It almost sounds like an early Black Sabbath mixed with the Dropkick
Murphy’s. This song is like folk meets up at a bar, drunk and belligerent. The
writing is complex, worded with the rum soaked pirate songs of yesteryear. This
song is an absolute gem (please excuse the pun). The Diamond is actually a
whaling vessel.

DLFN,made me extremely curious. I attempted to guess what the
acronym meant, but I was way off. I suggest you attempt before you google it.
This song starts off with a heavy guitar riff. And this song begins with a
light drum beat but quickly the fiddle jumps in and just takes over, guiding
the direction. The fiddle, the hard bass, the heavy guitar riffs and hardcore
drumbeats take you right into the bow of the whaling vessel.

I had to write about, Leviathan!,
after all it is the title track. So far, my favorite thing about this band is
the deep hard almost metal riffs that drive the rhythm. This song has a hard
drum beat I believe it’s two drummers that shape the power in this song. The
chord progressions and the fiddle really set this song apart from anything I’ve
ever heard.

I always have to check on the
closing track and, Weary Wailing Ground, does not disappoint. It opens
up with what sounds like a wailing wind and a fiddle sadly echoing. This song
has a much softer rhythm. The song is really driven by the story which really
puts you there. The lyrics and fiddle leave you with that feeling of loneliness
and the desire to get home. It really reminded me of being a youth on a boat in
the dead of winter with that cold wind blowing.

This band is absolutely amazing. The
unique sound they possess cannot be overstated. I looked them up and found they
play a lot of large festivals, but not only that they come out in costumes and
really put on a great show with constant wardrobe changes. This really is a
must have album and I really not only will check out their past albums but look
forward to seeing what they produce in the future. 

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