CD Review: Big and Rich – Gravity

and Rich – Gravity

album consists of:  Look at You, Lovin’
Lately, Gravity, Brand New, Rollin’ Along, Run Away, Loose a Little Sleep,
Don’t Wake Me Up, The Kind of Town, Thank God for the Pain, I Came to Git Down
always get a real taste of great music when I listen to Big and Rich’s Gravity
album.  Catchy, sweet, feet tapping melodies
that fills the air as the sound of the electric guitar and mandolin glide
through the songs with the drum roll like a clap of thunder.  The duo John Rich and Big Kenny trawls the
intersection of bro-country with a well travelled juncture of pop and rock.  This is the two singer-songwriters fifth
studio album which features Tim McGraw.
album kicks start with “Look At You”, soft and gentle mandolin melody and
distant piano notes at the start of the song. 
It invites curiosity as the beautiful vocals emerge singing, “Baby when
I look at you, with them baby blues, Cuttin’ right through me.  You set me on the rewind, back to the good
times”.  The drum’s 4/4
rock backbeat, sexy electric and bass guitars are
throbbing ostinato patterns as the duo continues to sing “Yeah, baby
when I look at you.”   The
drums drop out again, and the sense of pulse slows down a bit and brings us to
the second verse of the song.
When a relationship ends, it’s not just a loved one is
missing, but pieces of oneself needs to be retrieved especially when that
person has a hard time moving forward.  
This is what “Lovin’ Lately” is all about.  Acceptance is the key, recognizing that the
relationship wasn’t good enough to stand the test of time.  Just think of it as the beginning of another
journey in life till you find the right one. 
When the going gets tough, we cannot afford to discard giving
thanks to God, a beautiful message in the track “Thank God For Pain.”  The song goes, “
Thank God for pain…’cause
I never would have known that love could feel this way… and I know it sounds
insane… but thank God for scars…’cause every jagged little one got me closer to
where we are.”  This song is symbolic for
people who bear scars, scars in life that serve a purpose. If you have marks in
different areas in life, when you are struggling, when you are in pain, feel
empty, discouraged or hopeless just sing songs of wisdom, lift your
thanksgiving and praises to God, soak in His presence and you’ll be blessed. God
can turn ugly marks of trials and problems into a badge of honor. 
Journalist, Country Music News International 

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