CD Review: BARRY WARD – Welcome Home


Welcome Home
American Wonder – Ranchers Paradise – Growing
Dust – The King’s Highway – Orphans Preferred – Back Home Again – North
To Alaska – Lilacs In The Wind – Freedom t Last – Wings Of ADove –
Supper’s Ready – America the Beautiful – The Brave and The Free –
Welcome Home

Barry Ward is a cowboy who makes his home in Colorado.  He’s a
remarkable western vocalist, and songwriter.  He has no less than five
incredible gifted ‘message’ songs on this CD that he wrote.  Barry has
the military and veterans on his mind.  He knows what they are going
through, ‘the brave and the free.’  A couple more songs like “Freedom at
Last” and “Welcome Home” also bring us to a realization of what America
is all about, and what it would not be about if it weren’t for our
military.  He makes it plain in his liner notes…. “THANK YOU, and I
especially want to thank our Vietnam Veterans who sadly never got the
homecoming they so desperately deserved.  It is to these courageous and
unselfish soldiers that I say “Welcome Home.”   Barry Ward is a
remarkable songwriter.  The ability to put in a few words the ‘feelings’
of an entire nation is no easy task, but he also has the voice to go
with his original writings. It’s that combination of talents that makes
Barry Ward rise above the mundane and produce remarkable music that
really does have something to say.  In today’s world, perhaps ‘music’ is
the best route to take.  Everything seems to be a toss-up no matter
what you do or say, and if it gets to high on the political scale it’s
protestors and destructors who demand their voice be heard, whether they
are right or not.  For me I’d much rather put on a Barry Ward CD and
listen my way to satisfaction.  Ward has an amazing selection of
terrific musicians on this CD, and the studio engineer did a fantastic
job mixing it just right.  I really like the way he did John Denver’s
song “Back Home Again” beginning with just a single rhythm guitar, and
then quietly and gently adding the rest of the musicians.  What a neat
way to do this song.  He also does it on “America The Beautiful” very
inspiring and very well done.  I still like some of the classics of
country music, and Barry has two really good ones on this project,
“North to Alaska” and “Wings Of A Dove.”  Super neat album, just right
for an opportunity for any listener to direct their thoughts and
feelings back to a better, stronger, and more appreciative America. Off
it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association. for Country Music News International

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