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CD Review: Ashley Puckett – Never Say Never – by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Ashley Puckett

Never Say Never

Magic of the moment 3:35 Live like You
Love 4:01 Never Say Never 4:21 Choose to Ride 4:40

Be my Baby 3:54 What’s her Name 4:20 Sound
of a Heart Breaking Down 332 Mirror 4:27 Medicine 3:22 I Will Remember you 3:38
Bulletproof 3:44   Reckless 3:21
Weightless 4:02

“Magic of the
Moment, begins the album off with a really nice riff. It’s almost disguising as
Rock and Roll, because this album is deep Country, I’m talking Mississippi deep
Country. She has a beautiful voice. The band is incredible. But, it’s just
another song about how the guy left her. It’s so stereotypical of a female
county singer.

There goes, the
next song about how a guy left her. “Live Like Love”, is about another guy and
how he left her. This girl has been ditched by so many guys it’s sad. She must
have some serious issues, because I never met a girl who had so many stories
about guys leaving her.

“Sound of the
Heart Breaking Down,” opens up with an amazing acoustic jam. But, its another
song about another guy leaving listening to Country. This is actually very well
written. It’s 3rd person about another girl getting left. I wish she
could sing about something else.

“Mirror,” is
another tune that’s is very well written. It’s about looking in her grandma’s
mirror. I like this song because I was taught not to look in a mirror for too
long, because you will see your faults. I like this song a lot. I wish her
writing on the rest of the album was like this.

“Medicine,” is
also well written. But, it’s another sad country song about her guy leaving
her. It just seems like she has fallen into the Country trap. Where every song
is a sad song about how she was left.

“Reckless,” is
the last song on the album. It’s a beautifully written song. But it’s the same
trap that she fell into. I really believe this girl has amazing talent. I think
the album is well produced. She needs to think about why every guy leaves her.
Because, she could write about anything but she seems stuck in guys leaving

I don’t mind
this album; I just wish she wasn’t wasting her talent. Really, if she has a
problem with guys leaving her, she should look internally to find the problems
she’s causing or needs a different lyricist.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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