CD Review: Allen & Jill – Cowboy Classics – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Cowboy Classics

Ride Cowboy Ride – Back In The Saddle Again – Man
Walks Among Us – A Cowboy Psalm – My Rifle My Pony And Me – Don’t Fence
Me In – God Must Be A Cowboy – Ghost Towns – Tumbling Tumbleweeds –
Ghost Riders In The Sky – Cool Water – Re3al Cowboy? – Partner in His
Plan – They Call The Wind Mariah – Night Rider’s Lament

I’ve listened to cowboy music lots and lots of
time.  Even recorded my own version for the Smithsonian Institution
entitled “How Western Music Won The West.”  I have to say, Allen &
Jill Kirkham have included the most important ‘cowboy’ songs on this CD
that were ever written.  They even added three originals “A Cowboy
Psalm” “Real Cowboy?” and “Ghost Town” all of which are worthy to be in
the company of some of the most famous western songs ever written, they
belong here.  What a beautiful way to introduce the listener to a ‘new’
western song.  It’s the famous classics that they do really well, that
also takes us back in time.  Allen has a justifiably beautiful male
voice exactly suited to ‘cowboy’ music.  Jill has that same quality, but
she uses it in a very nice harmonious addition to Allen’s fine
singing.  One of my favorite songs is “Man Walks Among Us” and I believe
if you could spend a little time in the Sonoras Desert or the Saguaro
National Park (which my wife Sheila and I have done many many times) you
could make a direct connect to the songs and music you will hear on
this lovely CD.  I really like the fiddle of Katie Lautenschlager which
fits the way this very interesting project was created.  Ron Burtz does
the same thing with the harmonica.  Add the fiddle of Joe Stephenson on
“Ghost Riders In The Sky” and you can begin to see what I’m talking
about.  How much more western can it get?  Well, it can’t, this is it. 
This is the ‘real’ deal, and it is so important to those of us who find
redeeming quality in keeping the historical musical genres alive today,
especially with the lack of opportunity for these very same artists. The
Kirkhams recorded and produced this at the Lightning Creek Studio in
Custer, South Dakota.  I liked the mix, though I thought the harmonica
was just a big too loud, but only in some spots.  There’s simply not
anything negative about this wonderful western experience. We live in a
world that is very lacking in a down-home honest sincere approach to
making music.  This is the way it was when it became not only ‘real’ but
also when it became popular.  It still is, that’s why we have Allen
& Jill.     Off this one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission,
much luck to Allen and Jill.

National Traditional Country Music Assn., for
Country Music News International

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