CD Review: ALICE BLACK – The Yodelin’ Mule


The Yodelin’ Mule
Come Ride With Me – The Yodelin’ Mule – My Palomino Pony – The Cowgirl Shuffle – Red River Valley – That Smell
I really get a big kick out of listening to
young country/cowboy/western artists working on their first record
release.  Alice Black does have a foot already up in the saddle
stirrup.  She’s the daughter of the incredibly well liked Aspen Black
from Virginia.  I just love this kind of ‘beginning’ recording.  Not
just because it’s a young girl, but because she already knows what she
likes and how to pursue it. She’s an incredible little yodeler too,
especially on the “Yodelin’ Mule” which she also wrote.  As a matter of
fact of the six songs on this well done CD, five of them are Alice’s
originals.  Hey, Alice is only 12 years old!  You should hear this cute
little girl yodeling.  She’s absolutely terrific.  Mom, Aspen is right
there in the studio helping out on guitar, banjo, and bass.  Randolph
helped out on guitar, bass, and harmonica, but it’s Alice who carries
the day with mandolin and lead vocals.  Super!  Couldn’t hardly wait to
get to “Red River Valley” one of my favorite old-west songs, and the
only song Alice didn’t write.  Yep, there it was.  Just as good, just as
well done, just as enjoyable, and just as entertaining as all those
previous versions of heard of it.  We are so excited as we listen to
Alice on her new CD.  She and her mom have promised to be at the
‘National Old Time Music Festival’ in LeMars, Iowa, hopefully for the
full week, August 28-September 3.  Can’t wait, it’s going to be fun. 
Alice has a nice relaxed way to sing her songs, she’s right on vocally,
and her timing is super.  Can’t help comparing her a little to mom
Aspen.  Yep, we got us a winner.  The Rural Roots Music Commission is
always looking for CD’s by young artists.  I can’t wait to forward this
to them, they still have a lot of those “Home-grown” and “Down-Home” and
“Young-Country” awards to give away yet, and my bet is they will be
anxiously looking forward to hearing this one.  Thanks very much Alice
for restoring my faith in young people to ‘know’ what early country
music was/is like, and how to carry it on. Thanks!

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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