CD: RED JOHNSON – Say Yes Again


Say Yes Again

Say Yes Again – Just So You Know – A License
To Steal – Hank Was Singing Wedding Bells – It Feels So Good Everytime –
Loving Memories – If Love Comes Tonight – Laredo – If I Had As Long To
Love Her – You Couldn’t Touch Her – Cold Steel – A Simple Country Love
Song – Blood Brother – The Pillow
What a great way to start the new year of 2016.  I not only
get to listen to a great old-time string band from England who is
coming to the LeMars, Iowa, old time music festival, I also get to
listen to my favorite songwriter from Minnesota, Red Johnson, who is
also coming to LeMars this year (Aug 29-Sept 4).  I’m no dummy, Red is
also going to do a great concert at the Oak Tree Performance Center in
Anita, Iowa, on July 15.  Wow, what a treat.  I not only like the way
Red writes ‘real’ country songs, I like the way he puts a ‘story’ into
each of his presentations.  In this CD of a remarkable ‘original’ set of
songs, is a photo of Red’s wedding day, as he married Florence
Altenhofen when he made her Mrs. Johnson.  I can’t help it, Red Johnson
had super exposure to his writing in 2015 when his song “Mrs. Johnson”
made it to the national television show “NCIS.”  The song is not about
the Florence he married, but it was an incredible step ‘up’ for Red. 
Just watching the show waiting for the song to come on was a treat let
me tell you. I have to say the photo of Red and Florence in this CD show
them as both handsome and beautiful.  They still are.  Music has been a
God-send for Red.  It’s a gift.  Every song on this album is Red’s,
even Laredo which is a nice ‘story’ song about what happened after the
original story was told.  Red used the recording studio of Terry Nord
for this production, who also did the arranging and provided the musical
backing.  I like Red in a more traditional mode, but this album is a
keepsake, especially if you like original music.  If you are a recording
artist looking for some ‘real’ country music to record, this is an
album you should listen to.  This compilation of songs harbors a lot of
‘love’ songs to be sure, and it also has some really nice story songs
too.  Five stars to Red Johnson.  My favorite on this one is “A Simple
Country Love Song” it’s like the country music of the past that played
the strings of the hearts as well as they did the strings on a guitar. 
Keep it up Red Johnson, you are one of our last really great songwriters
from the upper Midwest. 
for Country Music News International

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