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CD: RED JOHNSON The Local Entertainer


The Local Entertainer


The Local Entertainer – Cloud Over Paradise –
I’d Rain All Over You – A Day With No Sunshine – What Kind of World –
There’s A Grand Ol Opry Show Playing Somewhere – Big Brave Me – A
Woman’s Lips – Hidden Feelings – Anything but Me – Moving To Nevada – It
Burns All The Way Down – Mrs. Johnson – Grey Eyes – Railroaded – too
Much Of You Went With Him – Everyday People – touching Me Again – Give
Her Some Happiness – What Man Wouldn’t Try – Christmas In Heaven
Many of you reading this review know Red Johnson.  He makes
his home in Minnesota, but he’s usually found out on the road, in Texas
or California, or Florida, or beyond, working on his music.  He’s been
writing country music, ‘real’ country music for quite a few years now,
and so far his biggest hit, recorded for Capitol Records, has been
“There’s A Grand Ole Opry Show Playing Somewhere.”  It’s a kicker to say
the least, but this CD puts a whole different slant on Red Johnson’s
songwriting ability.  Red just recently signed a contract with a music
publishing-placement company in New Mexico, and so far he’s had several
up-front advances made to use his music, quite a lot of money really. 
For this particular project “The Local Entertainer” he wanted to bring
out of the basement some of his earlier works.  He dusted off the
masters and with the help of Hal Rugg, Lloyd Green, Pete Drake, Dick
Mileski, Russ Hicks, and Charlie McCoy, I believe you will find one of
the best ‘traditional’ country CD’s available today.  Red has also
written songs with other songwriters, and he gives adequate credit for
all that he worked with.  I really liked ‘The Local Entertainer” which
came out in 1963, and could be the story of my own life.  Red is just
absolutely incredible on these old masters.  “A Day With No Sunshine” is
a wonderful piece of work.  And then you hear a song like “Grey Eyes”
and it just pushes you right to the back of your chair.  This is one of
the few songs Red didn’t write on this album, but it’s incredibly well
done as a vocalist.  I’ve never heard the Red Johnson that could be
described as ‘psychedelic’ but he presents a really nice side and
version of this style of music, and guess what, he still keeps it
country.  My guess is we’re going to hear some of this music, probably
on a television show, in your own living room, coast to coast, if not
internationally.  That’s what his new contract calls for, so if you hear
something that sounds familiar, but you’re not quite sure, count on it
being Red Johnson.  Not as young as he was when he did these masters,
but it’s Red Johnson just the same.  Kudos Red, extremely well done. 
Red is at arvidjohn@aol.com
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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