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The Apple Pie Song


Jesus Means All The World To Me – Swing Low
Sweet Chariot – Wasted Years – Angel Band – I’ll Fly Away – Life Beyond
Death – The Great Speckled Bird – Suppertime – Jesus & Mama’s Home
Made Apple Pie – There’s A Light At The River – Gone – Turn Back –
Sailing Toward Home – No Songs For Jesus – When Was The Last Time –
Earth Has no Sorrow – Lord I’m Waiting I’m Ready To Go Home – I Can’t
Picture Me Without You – Each Step I Take – Drifting Too Far From The
Whew, just in time, a ‘real’ country music CD from Nova
Scotia.  It’s amazing where America’s rural music is now developing. 
There are so many listeners that don’t particularly like loud rock n’
roll or ‘rap’ music labeled country music.  They become quite
discouraged at the outrageous lies some of the record companies tell
about their artists, claiming they are ‘country’ music and anyone who
has ever listened to country music instantly recognizes this is not
true.  Anyone who ever liked country music is turned off completely by
the same-sounding fodder coming out of Nashville these days.  Peter
Trenholm lives in Nova Scotia.  He has a radio show which features
old-time country gospel music, thus the reason for making this CD.  I
would rather listen to Peter Trenholm, even though he might miss a high
note now and then, than anything coming out of Nashville these days. 
Peter more than makes up for any short coming I might find in his
sincerity, his honesty, his devotion, his truthfulness, his ability, his
pure genius with good old-time country gospel music.  He not only sings
all the songs on this CD, he also plays all the instruments.  Acoustic
bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, mandolin, Dobro, are the apparent
ones.  He recorded it on a 12-track digital recorder, and quite frankly
it’s better than anything I’ve heard come out of Nashville recently.  No
‘box’ no re-takes, no keyboard fake instruments, no phony harmonies,
nothing phony at all.  By far, by far far far, I would rather listen to
this than anything coming out of Nashville these days.  Peter Trenholm
is also a fan of Hank Williams Sr. music, another country genre that has
disappeared from Nashville.  Peter sings “Turn Back” a capello, without
instrumental accompaniment and it’s great.  I enjoyed listening to each
and every song on this CD.  It might not make the top-40 country music
charts, but it definitely has already found a safe harbor in the love of
Jesus Christ.  Peter has a great old-time gospel radio show and plays
new CD’s and is available at hankfan@ns.sympatico.ca if you’d like to find out where to send your old-time gospel music for radio airplay.  
Review by Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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