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Walkin’ After Midnight – Today I Start
Loving You Again – Midnight Angel – Sweet Dreams of You – Heartaches By
The Number – Change Her Mind – Crazy Arms – Satisfied – Peace Amidst
Your Storm – Blueberry Hill – Til A Tear Becomes A Rose – Pick Me Up On
Your Way Down – Leavin’ On Your Mind – High On The Lord
Here’s another CD with a song list that tells you what it
is before you even put it on the turntable.  This one is dedicated to
Patsy Godley’s mom who adored good country music.  This CD and the story
about it’s adventure is a classic country music story.  Patsy sent this
to me last fall while I was directing the LeMars Festival in
August.  When I got back from that ‘very busy’ time, I reviewed it, and
found it to be so well done I sent it on to the Rural Roots Music
Commission, because my vote for Traditional Country CD of the Year was
already cast, and this CD is it.  Then the RRMC guys said much the same
back to me.  Then I left Iowa for warmer climes in California, leaving
my original CD review in my office in Iowa.  Well, I’m baaaaaack and
it’s 2014.  Patsy sent me another so I could share this with you.  So
now I think we are at square one, and let me just say, if you’ve been
wondering where ‘really good ‘real’ traditional country music has been
hiding, it’s been in Fredricksburg, Virginia.  This is a full recording
band that you hear, the same musicians that go on the road with Patsy. 
When I told her she would get the traditional CD of the year award this
year, she got excited and told the band, and the band told her “we’re
coming too.”  First problem we don’t have the drums and the electric
instruments at LeMars.  What to do?  Would she, could she, come to
Fremont, ‘Nebraska Festival’ for the award ceremony.  Sure, we can do
that.  Well there you have it.  I’m going to tell you, when you hear
Patsy Godley sing “Midnight Angel” you’re going to say the same thing I
band, the harmony on this song, the complete ‘togetherness’ of this one
song is better than anything I hear on top-40 country music charts today
anywhere anytime.  This entire CD is so well done it should be on the
country charts wherever the word ‘country’ is used to describe this kind
of music, I don’t care where….everywhere.  What the folks are in for
at the Fremont ‘Nebraska Festival’ is a couple of sets by some of the
best country musicians you are likely to hear anywhere in the USA. 
Donald Hockaday on bass; Michael Hockaday on drums; Billy Rupprecht on
keyboard; Bobby Edenton on steel; Tim Handy on Lead and Acoustic guitar;
Stephanie Randall on saxophone on one song “Blueberry Hill.”  The
harmony singing (also extremely well done) is by Patsy, Michael, Bobby,
and Donald, with the addition of Callis Godley.  Super well done.  All
of the musicians take a turn at lead vocals, all of them terrific.  My
best take on harmony is on “Satisfied” an old Martha Carson song. 
Recorded at the Wally Cleaver Studios (Pretty sure that’s not Leave It
To Beaver) this CD is as good as anything coming out of Texas these
days, which is far better than anything coming out of Nashville these
days. Jeff Covert did the engineering and mix, and he did a super job. 
My ‘country’ ear has been listening to this kind of music ever since it
first became popular, and my ‘country’ ear says super-star quality. 
Chris Taylor is the creator of their website at
well worth a visit.  Patsy, and this entire band are very thankful for
this opportunity to record a terrific CD.  They also thank their Lord
and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Isn’t this what ‘Traditional Country Music
CD of the Year’ is all about?  Yes, of course it is. Get to Patsy and
the Country Classics through their website. 
Review by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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