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CD: MICHAEL J THOMA – Christmas In The Heartland


Christmas In The Heartland


I Love The Way That It Feels – A Horse Named
Molly – I Have No Gift – A Note On The Door (We Have All Gone) – Little
Toy Trains – Christmas In The Heartland – A Star In The East – I’ll
Make It Home – Christmas Dream – A Lullaby For All
     Wow, I can’t begin to tell you what a delightful
CHRISTmas treat this is.  If you are anything like me, growing up on the
prairies and great plains of America, Christmas was (and is) a very
very special time of the year.  Snow, carols, gifts, trees, decorations,
great food, and for sure great LOVE and SHARING.  That’s what Mike
Thoma’s incredible Christmas album is all about.  All of these songs are
written by him, and they are all about the adventures of Christmas as
told from someone who grew up in the Heartland.  This is very different,
because in the past there’s been all kinds of great Christmas songs
available to us, classical and traditional, but never have I heard the
‘stories’ of Christmas so well told as Michael Thoma tells it.  We have
all kinds of great Christmas music, like Mannheim Steamroller, etc., but
the production work on Michael’s CD is stupendous. This is not a total
‘country’ album, but the stories are.  The singing is.  The writing is. 
It’s kind of like me, I have no gift to give you for Christmas, but I
give my song to you.  Isn’t that precious.  Isn’t that priceless.
Michael’s voice is in perfect unison with the tremendous words he puts
on paper, and then so diligently transfers into music, and further,
bringing it to life in the studio.  Tom Tatman was the producer, and his
ear is exceptional, he knew exactly what he was looking for from
Michael Thoma, and it’s there. There’s a tremendous number of
participating musicians, way to many to list, just let me say that each
song is very very different, and very very good.  To anyone who has
never had the opportunity to hear ‘new’ Christmas music, this is the one
you should listen to.  Not to late to add this to your Christmas list. 
We (Sheila, Bobbie Lhea and I) will listen to this complete album on
Christmas Eve while we are celebrating the birth day of our Lord Jesus
Christ, from which the name CHRISTmas comes from.  You too, should let
the love of Michael Thoma shine through to you.  319-232-8184
will reach him.  It was recorded in Cedar Falls, Iowa, at the Catamount
Studios, such a wonderful production you will be astonished by.  Get
this one, you will use it many more times than once.  Christmas in the
heartland, just like it was, and still is.  Review by Bob Everhart, www.ntcma.net National Traditional Country Music Assn.  Merry Christmas in the Heartlands, everybody.

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