CD: LEX K This Place That I Call Home


This Place That I Call Home


A Hundred Years Ago – Droving In The West –
City Boys Dream – I Just Want To Spend My Life With You – Goodbye to
Australia – This Place That I Call Home – Good To Be Back Droving Once
Again – Old Bob – Under Kimberly Skies – Munna Creek – A Special Club –
Without A Load Of Care – The Shadow
There’s something very special about country music that
comes from Australia.  There’s a lot of very gifted performers,
recording artists, and composers that keep ‘creating’ real country
music, much like it was some years ago in America.  I wouldn’t want to
say as much as a hundred years ago, but Lex K certainly has hit the nail
on the head with his first song out of the chute on this wonderful CD. 
I believe the ‘secret’ of this craft coming so nicely from Australia is
that Lex K, much like our original really good songwriters tell stories
with their songs.  That isn’t really the case with most so-called
country songs on the so-called top-40.  These new ‘lets pretend we’re
country’ artists just don’t get it.  Country music has never been
pick-up trucks, beer, and sex, or at least very little of it was
dedicated to just those categories which dominate the so-called top-40
today.  Every one of these so called country music stars need to listen
to just one of Lex K’s CD’s.  They will instantly discover what a ‘story
song’ is all about. Lex K is not only a dedicated and sincere writer,
he writes about what he knows, his life in Australia out on the range,
especially living at Munna Creek, the place where his grandfather
settled in 1896.  Grand-dad called it ‘Sunny Side’ which is called
still.  Lex also used some very good country music makers to record this
lovely CD.  Lindsay Waddington, Jamie Davis, and Lex himself on guitar;
Lindsay Waddington and Peter Salata on bass; Lindsay Waddington on
drums; Hugh Curtis on fiddle and mandolin (excellent I might add); Larie
Minson on steel, Dobro, and Harp (again excellent); Tony Wagner on
Piano & Strings; and Jamie Davis on backing vocals.  All around
super well done studio work. One of my favorites is “Old Bob,” not
because it’s my name, but because it’s about Lex’s dog.  And this is a
darn good dog.  This CD is going off to the Rural Roots Music
Commission, but I doubt Lex can make the journey all the way from
Australia to LeMars, Iowa (Aug. 25-31) to accept any CD of the year
Lex K, 583 Blowers Road, Munna Creek, Queensland, Q 4570, Australia
Review by Bob Everhart, NTCMA, 
for Country Music News International Magazine

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