CD: KEITH HIATT – Songs That Never Grow Old


Songs That Never Grow Old


Wabash Cannonball – Nobody’s Darling But
Mine – Silver Haired Daddy of Mine – Never Grow Old – Two Different
Worlds – All The World Is Lonely Now – Born To Lose – We Shall Sleep But
Not Forever – You Are My Sunshine – My Tears Don’t Show – Sweeter Than
The Flowers – Take My Hand – While I’m Away – Blue Eyed Darling – Be
Honest With Me – Sweet Home
     Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard traditional
country music done so well.  Keith Hiatt is from Reidsville, North
Carolina, and is not only a good selector of traditional country music
songs, he knows how to sing them with sincerity and passion.  Add to
that his incredible fiddling ability and you know that the footsteps of
Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, and Hank Williams is still intact, filled, and
sated.  Recorded for Flyin’ Cloud Records in Eden, North Carolina, I’m
not sure where I got this CD though I believe Howard Vokes up in
Pennsylvania sent it to me for review.  Keith is absolutely right when
he says these songs never grow old.  For those of us who grew up on
‘real’ country music, and certainly for the huge conglomeration of young
folks keeping the old-style songs alive and well in the form of what
they call old-time mountain music, knows how special this young man
Keith Hiatt is.  Kenny Rorrer from Danville, Va., said “Keith lives in
North Carolina where he works as a painter when he is not fiddling and
singing.   As long as there are Keith Hiatts around, there will be hope
for the survival of ‘real’ country music.  I think Roy Acuff would smile
in approval.”  I couldn’t agree more.  This CD is a classic example of
what country music is ‘really’ all about.  The lack of respect,
sincerity, honesty, and loyalty in America’s so called country music
‘stars’ of today can’t hold a candle to Keith Hiatt.  This particular CD
goes directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their hopeful
selection of Keith Hiatt to receive “Traditional Country CD of the Year’
at our 2014 convention.  Equally, I hope Keith can paint enough houses
to make it possible for him to come be with us if that should prevail,
and I believe it will.  He had some good help from equally talented
musicians: Everette Harris on guitar; Kurt Sutphin on fiddle; Leigh
Latchum on fiddle; Scott Manning on Dobro; Brad Talley on Dobro; Dour
Rorrer on bass.  You can find Keith’s record at Flyin’ Cloud Records,
168 Glenridge Drive, Eden, NC 27288 and you can watch for news on whether Keith will be with us in LeMars, 2014, at
RECORD REVIEWER: Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association

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