CD: KEITH HIATT – Drifting Back To Dreamland


Drifting Back To Dreamland


When You And I Were Young Maggie – Supper
Time – Drifting Back To Dream Land – Nobody Answered Me – Darling Nellie
Gray – Red River Valley – Silver Thread Among The Gold – Wabash
Cannonball – Sunny South By The Sea – Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley –
When We All Get To Heaven – Whispering Hope – The Sinking Of The
Titanic – Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party – Remember Me
“Now we are old and ragged Maggie, the trials of life
nearly done.”  I’m so glad this CD was the first one on my list to be
reviewed today.  Especially since the death of Phil Everly has left me
in a somewhat morose condition.  These very songs are the songs that
Phil’s dad would have sang to him when Phil and Don were little boys. 
And here the songs all are back again, in the safe and secure voice and
CD of Keith Hiatt.  Kind of sad I must say, but the ‘feeling’ these old
songs have, the creativity in the writing of them, and the comfortable
voice of Keith Hiatt to ‘remember’ them.  Keith lives in North Carolina,
not so far from the Kentucky home of the Everly’s.  Keith also plays a
nice old-time mountain fiddle, which you can hear on “Nobody Answered
Me” a song almost identical to “Rank Strangers.” This entire CD is just
jam-packed with incredible old-time songs I haven’t heard in ages.  The
fiddle once again takes center stage on “Darling Nellie Gray.”  To my
astonishment, the lead instrument in “Red River Valley” is the
autoharp.  We hear it again on “Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party.”  This too,
is a ‘sign’ on my road called music.  We are going to have an autoharp
gathering at our LeMars Festival (Aug 25-31 in LeMars, Iowa), for the
very first time featuring some of the best autoharp players in America.
 Keith’s voice sounds sometimes like he is ‘seeking’ the way, but in the
end it comes out just right.  Best song on the CD is Keith’s amazing
rendition of the “Wabash Cannonball.”  Much like the original Roy Acuff
version.  A thouroughly ‘country’ music CD, with all the innuendo and
captured country feeling in everything you hear.  The fiddle is
excellent throughout (sometimes it sounds like more than one fiddler
playing), and the acoustic guitar is right on track.  All in all a CD
that closes with an admonition. “Remember Me.”  Keith Hiatt, 601 Barnes
St., Reidsville, NC 27320  
Review by Bob Everhart 
for Country Music News International

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