CD: JUNE WEBB – Reminiscing with Miss June Webb


Reminiscing with Miss June Webb
Ages and Ages – Break The News – Oh Lonesome
Me – Snowflakes – I Wonder Where You Are Tonight – I Think I Know – I’m
Living In Two Worlds – Afraid – Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Long
Long Ago – Making Believe – These Arms of Mine – Tribute
A couple of years ago it was my extreme pleasure to
introduce June Webb to our large audience at the ‘National Old Time
Country Music Festival’ in LeMars, Iowa, for a Hall of Fame induction. 
Some folks remembered her, I among them.  She was the only female singer
ever known as one of Roy Acuff’s Smokey Mountain ‘Boys.’  True!  June
Webb worked for a long time with Acuff, on the road, on the Grand Ole
Opry, in the recording studio. She also worked alongside the one and
only Hank Williams.  Such a pretty and very talented girl, but very shy,
she sometimes didn’t appear she actually liked what she was doing. 
However exactly the opposite is the truth.  She loved, with all her
heart, singing songs with so much meaning, with all of her soul.  Her
concern?  Maybe she wasn’t doing it good enough.  That happens to all of
us in the music business no matter what genre we might be in, but in
country music it becomes a very basic feeling and sometimes masters our
very existence.  June had to overcome that every time she walked on the
stage, and guess what, she overpowered it.  If you were fortunate enough
to see her in person, you were a very lucky person.  Sheila (my wife)
and I got to do exactly that doing a concert with her in Florida (where
she makes her home), and it staggered me to watch her, listen to her,
indulge myself with her vocal interpretations of some of country music’s
greatest songs.  She has a very special specific ‘style’ that Roy Acuff
loved immensely.  And here she is, back again after a long absence. 
She still holds that special spot in her heart for country music, which
she considers a truly American music.  Rather than lamenting the strange
twist the music has taken today that eliminates the steel guitar and
fiddle from it’s very basic sound, she brings both back in this
tremendously enjoyable listening experience. We also have an abiding
love for the fiddle of Jake Simpson from Oklahoma who helped put this CD
together.  Albert Svenddal is on the pedal steel guitar.  Both of these
instruments are spectacular behind June’s still vibrant and beautiful
‘country’ voice.  I”ll have a hard time putting this CD on the shelf and
listen to something else.  It will be with me for a long long time.  If
for no other reason, to remind me how great country music was, and is
in the voice of June Webb.  It’s so easy to reminisce when it’s so
beautifully well done.  This is the first recording June has made since
her 1960 hit “I Was Just Meant To Be Lonely.”  If she could see me now,
she would see a standing ovation. I’m going to forward it to the Rural
Roots Music Commission, and I already know what they are going to say. 
for Country Music News International Magazine

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