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CD: JOYCE SHAFFER Product of the USA


Product of the USA


Product of the USA – Golden Goose – America
is Color-Blind – Let’s Do It For The Children – Hey, Calderon – They
Call Me Corruption – Brains Behind the Bible – If You Dare – Dark Angels
– We’re Still Mad As Hell – Takin’ Back Our Country – American Soldier
You might remember Joyce Shaffer.  She came from her home
in Colorado to be with us at our annual LeMars Old Time Country Music
Festival the week before Labor Day, in Iowa.  I was totally impressed
with not only her performance, but her songwriting ability, and I would
suspect she might be invited to return to Iowa again this year.  This CD
is a sort of condensation of the many things that seem to be going
wrong in America today.  It’s exactly what I feel many times when I read
the daily newspaper.  The very first song put a tear in my eye, because
it is the same experience my own grandmother and grandfather had when
they migrated to America from Germany.  My grandmother’s maiden name was
Johanna Schroeder, and she married Henry Meyers.  In Joyce’s
words…”Product of the USA” honors my husband’s grandmother Lucy
Meyers.  Lucy migrated to America from Germany at the age of 16 and
never spoke another word of German the rest of her life! Proud to be
American, she learned the English language and completed the legal
paperwork showing her determination to help America grow.  Her life is
an example to all of us of what the human spirit can accomplish when
given room to flourish.”  Joyce covers nearly all of the ‘problems’
America faces today, most of them politically created.  I love the way
she uses good ‘real’ country music backers like Ken Dravis on guitars,
keyboards, and bass. Randy Utterback on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and
Dobro.  Rob Labige on drums.  I’m thinking maybe Randy Utterback is an
old friend, used to play music with Don Rogert and the Desparados. 
Anyway, here’s a CD with a musical statement that definitely says..”If
we don’t clean this mess up, our children will pay.”  And that is
exactly what is happening in America today.  Every song is done
extremely well.  Every song is a ‘statement’ and Joyce Shaffer is not
afraid to stand up to the incredibly huge negative forces that are
taking over America today.  Just let me say that this is the best
musical presentation regarding these subjects that I have ever heard. 
Let Joyce say it like it is….”The songs in this album are dedicated to
the American people from all walks of life, who have worked hard,
upheld the morals and values of the greatest nation on earth. Together
and through many years of building, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, have made
our Country the greatest ever known to mankind! Please, let these God
inspired songs encourage you to once again take a stand for our nation. 
As a country, we are at a crossroad and our beloved America is
suffering.  Let’s each do our part to healing the wounds that cause us
pain and keep America FREE and the home of WE THE PEOPLE!  GOD BLESS
AMERICA.  A totally incredibly good album, except the song “Hey
Calderon” sounds an awful lot like my own “Big Man Music Maker” which I
wrote and recorded for the Smithsonian in 1980.  Probably Joyce should
take a listen to that song.  Anyway, this one goes to the Rural Roots
Music Commission.  Good luck Joyce.  P O Box 685, Fruita, CO 81521  
Record Review by Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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