CD: Johnny Cash – Among the stars

Johnny Cash: Among  the stars

Out among the stars
Rock & roll shoes
Don’t you think it’s time
I came to believe
Baby ride easy
She used to love me a lot
After all
I’m movin’ on
If I told you who it was
Call your mother
I drove her out of her mind
With a voice that just doesn’t quit after 40 plus years of contributing to the music arena, the legendary voice continues his tradition with the latest release of “Out among the stars”.  Johnny’s voice is “rustic” Johnny Cash
and as bold as ever. This album seems to be a shade darker the some Johnny Cash fans are familiar with, however if you are a loyal Johnny Cash follower you will be in good timing with this album. This album  features a version of Hank Snow’s I’m movin’  (track 8) which adds to the albums already continual “vintage country feel. After researching the album I realized the late Waylon Jennings lent  his hand and  his country ear to this album, in the studio which keeps the
“real” country flare flowing throughout the album. This makes this
album a True Johnny Cash album Johnny has always written and sang songs
for and about the common man and on this album has the ability to paint a
vivid picture through lyrical content and through his legendary voice.
The album offers a really true sound that is Johnny Cash, that one hears
and feels his  deep feelings, emotions, thoughts and vulnerabilities
throughout the album. This album is truly for the true Johnny Cash fan,
and he is quite honestly “Among The Stars”. 
Steven F. Adams for Country Music News International Magazine

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