CD: JOHN REX REEVES Remembering Jim Reeves 50th Anniversary of his Death


Remembering Jim Reeves 50th Anniversary of his Death


Remembering Jim Reeves – I Missed Me – Guilty – I’m Gonna Change Everything – Adios
Amigo – I’m Getting’ Better – The Blue Side of Lonesome – The Blizzard –
The Day The World Stood Still – I Won’t Forget You – Welcome To My
The most amazing thing about John Rex Reeves is his uncanny
ability to sound just like his Uncle Jim Reeves.  This album, recorded
in Nashville, is a real memory adventure.  It’s Jim Reeves simplicity
and spirituality that John Rex Reeves not only keeps alive on this
album, but does it so very much like Jim Reeves, it’s a bit of a
spiritual journey the listener takes with John Rex as he takes us on a
voyage back to the golden days of country music, from the very beginning
song “Remembering Jim Reeves” as song John Rex wrote for his Uncle. 
What a delicious musical treat.  Sheila and I are so very fortunate to
be opening for John Rex on a tour this fall in Iowa, and we already know
from being with him previously, we are going to find not only the fans
of Jim Reeves in the audience cheering John Rex on, we are going to find
fans of John Rex Reeves, just for being John Rex Reeves, because his
own talent is so amazing.  If you ever heard Jim Reeves sing, or were
impressed with his gentleman’s voice singing so pleasantly, so
brilliantly, so gently, you will hear it all ‘live’ in the voice of John
Rex, and it’s all on this wonderful ‘real country’ CD.  John Rex has
been doing a tribute show to his Uncle for 30 years now, and of course
there are other Jim Reeves ‘sound-alike’ performers out there, but they
don’t come anywhere close to what John Rex is doing with the music that
Jim Reeves made so famous.  Sheila and I have watched John Rex as he
greets Jim Reeves fans, treating them with the same humbleness and
gentleness that his Uncle was so well known for.  And guess what, all
those fans leave so completely satisfied, they are more than Jim Reeves
fans.  They are John Rex Reeves fans too.  This album should be in every
library of anyone who appreciates the more sophisticated side of
country music.  It’s all here, not only excellent backing, but in the
voice of John Rex, which is in it’s prime.  He obviously had a very good
time recording this project, but he has a very good time every time he
sings Jim Reeves songs.  And watch for John Rex on tour in the upper
Midwest, in Fremont, Nebraska, October 3-4-5, at the Oak Tree
Performance Center in Anita, Iowa, Oct. 10; the Leonard Good Center in
Ogden, Iowa, Oct. 11; and the Opera House in Toledo, Iowa, Oct. 12. 
Join us in remembering the music of the greatest country music singer of
all times.
John Rex Reeves, P O Box 2014, Humble, TX 77347 – 281-852-8308
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