CD: Jason Mraz – Yes!

Jason Mraz – Yes!
Rise 1:29 Love Someone 4:17 Hello, You Beautiful Thing 3:32 Long Drive 3:50 Everywhere 3:24 Best Friend 3:19 Quiet 4:18 Out Of My Hands 3:25 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday 2:58 3 Things 2:54 You Can Rely On Me 3:42 Back To The Earth 3:44 A World With You 4:39 Shine 6:04

“Love Someone” is a great song but only 1/14th of the new Jason Mraz cd
entitled “Yes!” which might have been more aptly entitled “The Journey of a
Heart”. Jason Mraz the storyteller is unsurpassed. Every lyric can be
understood on the first listen. The Jason Mraz troubadour vocal prowess,
superbly enhanced by harmonies make “Yes!” one of the finest listening
experiences ever committed to cd. “Rise” is an instrumental track indicating the
slow awakening of a potential romance but you’ll need to turn up your volume to
hear it. When you “Love Someone” is a great radio song about how powerful
the hope for love is, followed by “Hello, You Beautiful Thing”, a ka-chunk-kachunk
swing beat song about when a person fills love’s hope needs. “Long
Drive” says we can take the long way with our life love, followed by how love
permeates a person’s entire being, as in I’m “Everywhere” in you and around
you, and you become my “Best Friend”. As the world gets noisier and noisier,
Jason Mraz needs “Quiet” time with his life love. But as love slips away he
helplessly declares it’s “Out Of My Hands”, then lamenting “It’s So Hard To Say
Goodbye To Yesterday”. The heart always finds ways to recover so Jason Mraz
sings about the “3 Things” his heart will do after his life falls apart. Once his
heart is whole enough it finds the possibility of a new love and assuringly tells us
“You Can Rely On Me”, then decides it better be fully grounded if it is going to
love again, complete with rooster crows and scat singing resembling rooster
crows, declaring these two hearts will be getting “Back To The Earth”. The heart
of Jason Mraz now tells it’s new love, from it’s new grounded reality point of view
about how it will be in “A World With You”. So what does a truly grounded true
two-hearts-as-one love actually do? “Shine”. A heart knows every morning in
this wonderful state experiences a new awakening, so we’re back to track one,
“Rise”. You can listen to this Jason Mraz cd as a dedicated listening experience.
You can play it in the background while you and a friend sip a Pinot Grigio or a
cappuccino, and let your ears tune in when they wish. Or you might be tipping
pints of lager and telling jokes with friends but as soon as your personal space
goes quiet, “Yes!” will gently sneak back into your consciousness. You’ll be glad
it did.

Written by Michael Sikorsky for Country Music News International

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