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                    TROUBADOR,VAGABONDS AND
                             Hello to all Country people…here  we are again…This CD is very good…the musics in order:
         1) That’ all preach.
          2)Two steps.
          3)The hardest part.
          4)Long,long gone.
          5)Strangest places.
          6)Old man Johnson.
          7)Mary goes round.
          8)Rattle that cage.
          9)Whole Lotta Texas.
          10)Don’t Deny the proof.
            12)Dance with me.
             13)Passenger side.
This CD ,Toubador ,Vagabonds and Thieves are a good one,country
allgemein,the Band have a good sound work all around the focus that they
want to show to us.Lets go inside…in All preach the continuous sound
of the guitar is the point of this music!All goes around the guitar
,that like a conductor send the notes and receiving the sounds of
another intruments,do a dialogue-a musical dialogue…the guitar cries
and we like!
Long ,long gone- Style of years ago more modern sounds of our
days.Finest guitar players,sounds do with care and high quality!The
control of the voice -giving space one to another ,in the exact time!
In Old man Johnson we fell it too,a music with much care and very good
to listen!This is a CD that you need to have….if you like
Country!!!!!!!!!Very good!
Dance with me,you really fell the guy asking someone to dance…the way
of  do is convincing .. seems that you are sitting and looking  this
scene….and is only a music!!!Sounds goes around the lyrics and do what
probably the songwriter want to do,-change the way that we fell a thing
named music…
Two steps are a happy and true country,a little simple but simple
things maybe do the difference!!!Is like a oásis to rest a little and
continue listen…Positive point to Two steps….better two
points…two steps!!!
                      The Golden points of this CD,That’all preach,old man Johnson,Long,long
gone,Dance with me.In our way to fell and listen!!!But all the Cd is
well done and we send our congrats to all the Band.We -Regina and
Ronaldo-listen carefully all the CD…together,alone and we fell the
same thing about!!!Good one!Some discussion about one or other music,but
we like so much!Receive Jason Lee Mc Kinney Band our RR(Regina and
Ronaldo)stamp of good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All of you…you can buy this
Looking to the next review soon…..with a great hug of Regina and
Ronaldo from Campos dos Goytacazes to all the Country World!!!Be with
God and till the next time!!!!RR.

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